Dems Should Be Worried In 2016

Yeah, I’m thinking the Democrats on Capitol Hill at least SHOULD be worried…if they’re up for re-election next year. Somehow, deep down in the bowels of my soul, I feel that they’ve made a mistake that is going to make a pro-Obamacare vote seem like a field trip to the penny arcade.

I’m talking about their vote to back Bobo Obama and his “deal” with Iran.

It’s a bad move all the way around when you think about it. Obama was smart enough to know that anything he ended up with wasn’t going to be passed by 67 votes in the Senate…something you need if you’re going to negotiate a “treaty”. So, he did what he does best…he decides to do an “executive agreement”. That way, it’s erasable by the next president if they so desire, and they don’t need the pleasure of a congressional vote to do it. And, in the process, Obama knows the GOP couldn’t muster 67 votes in the Senate to override a veto (or apparently 60 votes to stop a filibuster), so he knew from the start he was going to win.

The problem is, the GOP will use that vote for the 42 people in the Senate the next time they are up for election, to make sure they are defeated. Oh, they did the same thing in the House in 2010 with Obamacare, and they did the same thing in 2014 with the Senate with Obamacare. But this is going to be different.

It’s simply different because with Obamacare, at least someone in this country received something from the government. The folks on the lower income brackets at least got some semblance of health care out of it. No, it wasn’t GOOD health care, but it was indeed insurance. Forget the fact they can’t get a doctor’s appointment because physicians won’t accept it. Forget the fact the deductibles are so high no one can afford to meet them. They got their insurance.

With this deal, nobody in America gets anything. We give. We give $100 billion dollars to a regime that is going to use that money to further the terrorist war against our country. We’re giving Iran the bomb. Oh, it may not be in Obama’s term in office, but yes, they WILL get the bomb on this deal. And after all, Obama loves this country so much, he doesn’t give a rat’s rear end what happens after January 20, 2017. Just get me to the finish line…that should have been his campaign motto.

By that time the damage to the country will be done. And by that time, some of those 42 senators that went along with the White House, all of them saying it wasn’t a good deal, but it was better than nothing,  will be up for election…and a lot of them will lose because of their vote. It was a stupid political move on their part, and I have a feeling that they’re going to have to pay the ultimate “political price” for their deed.

But at least Obama got what he wanted!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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