Want to see Hillary Clinton spitting mad? We’re talking throwing lamps at the president type of mad! Apparently, she paid some folks an awful lot of money to wipe her email server clean of those “personal” emails, you know…the ones of Chelsea’s wedding plans and the ten thousand yoga routines that she doesn’t do…only to find out it’s not at all true?

Apparently. The Denver-based server company…the same ones that had the servers in a bathroom closet for security sake, have said that just because you erased something from a server doesn’t mean that the server is “wiped”, and they have no indication what-so-ever that Hillary’s server was ever “wiped”. If that’s true, those 30,000 “personal” emails that have nothing to do with government work, only personal stuff that Hillary had erased, still exist on the server.

So much for hiring the right people to do your dirty work! Platte River Networks, the folks that had Hillary’s emails and ran their server said that yes…in June, 2013, when they took over managing Hillary’s email account, all of the emails were on the server. Then in 2014, about the time that the House Committee chaired by Trey Gowdy decided to subpoena those emails, they were migrated from one server to a second server and that the second server was erased, but not wiped. That server was then stored in New Jersey until the FBI took control of it last month.

So, if what the folks at Platte River Networks are saying is actually true, the FBI has access to ALL of Hillary’s emails. If that’s the case, depending on what they find, they could be looking at some very serious charges…or they could be looking at a bunch of ideas for wedding dresses and cakes and downward facing dog positions.

But the irony to all of this (and it really is irony when you think about it), the woman who wanted Nixon impeached for 17 minutes of blank tape back in the 70’s, and was fired for lying back then, herself could be in trouble with the law for something that was missing, then re-appeared. And if that’s the case, we the people will soon find out. This stuff never stays quiet for very long in today’s society. Some nerd at the FBI who has a look at the server will indeed want some free publicity, or some money, or something, and will blab to a reporter, and there you go!

IF (and it’s only IF at this point), Hillary wasn’t able to actually wipe the server clean, but only erase the emails, they’re still on the server, even though it shows there is nothing on there. They are recoverable. And Hillary has learned a very valuable lesson…when dealing with emails and the internet, anything you write, anything you post, anything that you save will always be available for anyone to look at. I’m surprised she didn’t know that seeing who her top aide is…didn’t Huma Abedin’s hubby, Anthony Weiner run into the same problem????

Carry on world, you’re dismissed!