It Keeps Growing, And Growing…

Scandals usually fall into two groups. The first is where something goes wrong, someone finds out about it, it’s either denied as false and later proven it’s false or quickly admitted to, and the guilty party either resigns from office, or is sent the judicial route and jailed. The second group is a little seedier. Here the party involved in the scandal tries everything under the sun to try to convince the world of their innocence. They swear it’s just a misunderstanding and they will be exonerated “when the facts come out”. But something else happens in this group. The facts usually prove to their guilt. And they are steadfast in their innocence. That leads to a standoff. It’s a stalemate. Let’s look at two separate scandals that are actually kind of related.

Remember Anthony Weiner? He was a US Representative from New York. He’s a Democrat. He was a guy that was sexting all of these girls. And yes, he happens to be married. When he was found out, he denied it at first, but it came out that he really didn’t have a defense. So, he resigned his house seat and went into private life…and supposedly rehab. And he was caught again. This time as he was trying to run for Mayor of New York. He finished dead last in the voting. Oh, his wife happens to be one Huma Abedin, an Iranian who happens to be the Chief of Staff of our second subject.

Remember Hillary Clinton? She was at one time the First Lady of Arkansas. She also became US First Lady (FLOTUS) when her hubby Bill, who, like Anthony had some sex problems. Hillary was no stranger to scandal. She made a fortune on some cattle futures while in Arkansas. Then of course there was the Whitewater real estate deal that they Clintons mopped up on. And it seems that Hillary had taken some files belonging to the Rose Law firm to the White House with her. Of course, she explained it all away. It was an honest mistake. Probably just wanted some interesting reading material.

But Hillary hasn’t been able to explain away the current email scandal. It’s important only in the fact that the national security of the United States is at stake. Oh, and she happens to be running for the highest office in the land, and her credibility is nearing rock bottom proportions. She has fallen into the second category we talked about. The evidence is mounting against her, even though she swears she’s done nothing wrong. Nixon did too as I remember…until the very end.

Hillary won’t escape this one. John Cornyn the second most powerful Republican in the Senate is now calling on the Department of Justice to assign a “Special Council” to look into her emails. Now, IF that happens (and it probably won’t seeing who’s in the White House), it’s very serious. Criminal charges usually follow a special council’s appointment. And jail time is usually following that.

No…Hillary isn’t going to win the nomination for president, anymore than Rick Perry is. She still believes she can do it, but there’s no way America will vote for her. Not for the nomination, and certainly not for president. In fact, the only reason she would be considered for the nomination is because there isn’t anybody on the Democrats’ bench. If Joe Biden decides not to run, they really only have Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod sitting there. There are no stars in the Democrats’ lineup.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!