The JV Debate

Four lower-tiered candidates faced off in the CNN debate at the Reagan Library yesterday. In this debate, all four, probably because there were only four of them, but Lindsay Graham finally woke up. Rick Santorum, while wrong on several instances, actually made a good case for immigration.

Santorum screwed the pooch on the Kentucky Clerk of Courts that was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Santorum said that it was right for Kim Davis to buck the Supreme Court. George Pataki had it right when he said that the rule of law is king. Even if the Supreme Court screws up, like most conservatives feel they did in this case, it’s still the law of the land…just like Citizen’s United…just like Roe v. Wade.

Overall, these four men did a nice job. There was jousting, there was banter, there were some elbows thrown right at the beginning. Santorum said that Bobby Jindal was wrong in attacking Donald Trump. In probably one of his strongest moments, Santorum said that Donald Trump has as much right to be on the GOP stage as any other person running. He was absolutely right. The fact that Trump may not agree with the rest of these folks, the fact that Trump may call them out, call them names, and give out their phone number, it doesn’t matter. He has every bit as much job as anyone to run. Then it’s up to we the people to make a wise choice. Obviously, I would argue, we’ve screwed up the last two elections…and we’ve probably screwed up with the right candidate as well. Neither John McCain, nor Mitt Romney (who by the way, is a friend of mine), were good candidates and deserve to lose.

I was impressed with Graham’s attitude. He was humorous, he was on point, he was blatently honest, and frankly, I think he showed he was the top of the lower tier. In my book, Graham won the debate. I thought Santorum probably didn’t end up doing himself any favors in this one…and Pataki saying that he would throw out the tax code was one of the great moments for the former governor of New York. What he would replace it with wasn’t a great answer…but his ban on any congressman becoming a lobbyist drew great applause. Much better debate this time around for Pataki. But I think it’s too little too late.

The same goes for Jindal. I always liked Bobby Jindal, but I don’t think he really has enough support to make a difference. The only one in this group that should be moving on into October, is Lindsay Graham.

In a wrap up, CNN  allowed the candidates to hash it out more than Fox did, but were a little more boisterous in their line of questions. It will be interesting to see how Trump handles it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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