What’s Hillary Afraid Of?

The Democratic Party has only schedule a total of six debates in their primary season…far less than the GOP has done. But, is that enough? Martin O’Malley, who’s sucking swamp water in the polls doesn’t think so. Of course, anyone with 1% of the vote would probably be trying to do anything to generate a little publicity. Hillary Clinton thinks it’s too many, and Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz thinks it’s just right.

Kinda sounds like the story of the Three Bears, doesn’t it?

My question is, what in hell is Hillary afraid of? With all of the supposed experience this woman has in governmental, and political circles, you’d think she’d be able to breeze through a debate, especially with bozo’s standing next to her like O’Malley, Sanders, Webb, and Chafee. For cryin’ out loud…what’s she going to do if she has to go up against Trump in the general election? You think that guy is going to pull punches and be all cream cakes and ginger-ale?

Well, the sad fact is, Hillary is not a very good debater. She’s not a very good politician, and she knows she’s not a very good candidate. All of that is evidenced by the fact that she made damn sure to scare off any real competition in the primary long before we got to this point. You don’t think Al Gore or Joe Biden, or Nancy Pelosi, or Elizabeth Warren would have wanted a shot at this thing? You don’t think there’s a hungry young wolf out there somewhere that has the gonads to take her on and become the next “Bill Clinton” (remember…nobody in the Democratic party wanted to run in 1992 either…George HW Bush was so popular no one thought they could beat him).

Hillary is afraid of all the baggage she has to bring on stage with her. It’s going to require a dozen longshoremen to accomplish the task. And then there are the myriad scandals that she could be asked about, and have to throw her arms out and scream, “At this point, what difference does it make”, which wouldn’t look good seeing how the GOP already has a dozen or so ads with that quote already made up.

No, Hillary is afraid for the very reason she should be afraid. She’s a lousy candidate and a no-talent, no-experience hack who’s trying to sneak her way back into the White House. And she doesn’t have a clue that it’s not working. She’s sure that once they get to the actual voting, her ground game is going to take over for her and all she’ll have to do is show up in each state once, throw some of the millions in donations that her mega-bundlers have already contributed at some TV ads, and waltz away with the nomination. What she fails to understand is, as her poll numbers continue to nose-dive, that ground game starts to crumble. People that were ardent supports of H six months ago have been showing up at Bernie Sanders rallies and are changing their tune. Look at it this way. Sanders is drawing thousands at each campaign stop. Trump is drawing 20,000 at campaign stops in Alabama and Texas (granted…those are GOP states to begin with). Hillary gets a few hundred when she makes a stop. In fact, at a recent stop in Ohio. They had to re-configure the room to make it look on TV like there were more people there than there really were. They showed half the room, turned sideways to squeeze everybody in.

What’s Hillary afraid of? Exactly what we’ve known all along. Hillary Clinton is afraid of the truth getting out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. If had Hillary’s history, would you want to get into a debate on national television…………….? Of course the libs will have a hands off Hillary approach.. They’d protect her.

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