Why Obama’s Foreign Policy Sucks

I can imagine that coming up with a cohesive foreign policy for pretty much every country in the world would be a tall order. I imagine getting consistency involved makes it more-so. And I would believe that it would take a team a very talented people to pull it off.

And there is Barack Obama’s first big mistake. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice are not what anyone with half a brain would consider to be “very talented people”. Clinton couldn’t talk her way out of a paper bag without lying about it. Kerry is more at home on a bicycle or a wind surfing board than in a suit, and I can’t believe Susan Rice still has a job anywhere. She should be asking people, “Do you want fries with that?”

Bobo’s second big mistake is the fact that he is afraid. He’s a coward. Oh, he says that he is one that likes to end wars, not start them, but he is smart enough to know that Democrats and war don’t go together very well. The last Democrat to actually prosecute a war correctly was Harry Truman. John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Bobo Obama have all fallen on their faces in terms of the title “Commander-in-Chief”.

A third Bobo mistake is trying to get others to do our dirty work. Now, Rand Paul, who’s pretty much an isolationist when it comes to world politics, agrees with Obama that Arabs should be fighting ISIS. Wrong. WE should be fighting ISIS. And WE should be fighting to eradicate radical Islam. That’s not the Arabs’ problem…it’s our problem. It doesn’t hurt their national security. It hurts ours.  For this president to spend $500,000,000 to equip, train, and deploy a total of five fighters is ridiculous. Are you telling me we actually spent a hundred MILLION dollars PER FIGHTER? Yup. We did. And the fact the White House can only say, “Well, it’s really below where we wanted to be” is not acceptable. It’s contemptible.

This administration has failed in every single foreign policy attempt it’s made in seven years. From China, to Russia, to Egypt, to Syria, to Iraq and Iran, to North Korea, the Obama administration has punted the ball, taken bad deals, become the laughing-stock of the world, and passed up leadership positions in order to become more liberal at home. And is the world a safer place because of it?

Of course, you have to throw vanity into the mix as well. It was just the other day that Obama ripped into GOP candidates when he said there was no need to make “America great again”, because it’s already great. We’re already doing just fine! Now, if that isn’t the most ignorant comment I’ve heard in the last 25 years, I would ask Jimmy Carter to come back and get more advice from his 9-year-old daughter on foreign policy.

Whomever takes over the White House in 2017 has a lot of work to do. You can’t undo all of the damage this idiot has done in eight years in two or three days, weeks or months. To win back the respect of the world will take a while, but it is doable. The question is how many more American lives will it cost us, and just as importantly, are we going to remember what a mistake we made in select Obama, so we don’t make the same mistake somewhere up the road again? One can only hope!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!