Let’s Stop With The “Rights”, Shall We?

OK, I’m getting a little tired of all of the “Rights” we supposedly are given by liberals. You’ve got gay rights, you’ve got women’s rights, you’ve got animal rights, you’ve got passenger rights, you’ve got felons’ rights and we can’t forget human rights. Now, liberals want to include “sexual rights”.

What are “sexual rights”? Well, it’s a liberal UN thing. Here’s how they describe it: “The right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to their sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence.”

Let’s examine that. You would have the “right” (given by whom, isn’t answered) to have control and decide over all matters related to your sexual being. So, you want to have sex with a cactus, be my guest. How about your neighbors 10-year-old kid? Sure…why not! It’s a total farce, and our government is going along with it according to the Associated Press.

Which brings around to this whole “rights” thing. First of all, liberals don’t get the chance to give out “rights” like they are handing out candy at Halloween. It’s another liberal myth. None of the rights I’ve described above really exist. They are created by liberals to make people feel better…but they really don’t matter. Because “rights” are given to man by man’s creator. It is impossible for man to give “rights” to man. It cannot happen by the very definition of “rights”.

So, let’s move on to another piece of garbage foisted on us by the left. Animal Rights. I say this because here in my town, those of us that sit on the board of directors were recently chastised because one of our parks was besieged by geese. Now, we have a ton of geese here. Some are migratory, some are not. The migratory geese are protected by law, the non-migratory geese aren’t. So, when they become a problem, a health hazard or a safety hazard, we call in the USDA’s Wildlife Services division. They look at the situation and decide whether to remove the geese or euthanize them. In this case, they euthanized 13 of them. We caught holy hell for it, and it wasn’t our decision. The animal freaks came out of the woodwork swearing these geese had rights. Sorry.

In order to have rights, most philosophers, ethnicians, and moralists all believe that there are two sides to the issue. There is the issuance of the right, and there is the acceptance of the right. In order to accept a right, you must show a responsibility to be able to undertake the right, and live within what ever rules accompany it. In this case, if the geese were to be given the right to live freely in our park, they’d have to accept the responsibility of not shitting on the sidewalks, where people could slip in it or worse, come down with Cryptosporidia, which lives in the feces.

And therein lies the problem. Liberals are all about giving “rights” without expecting anyone to accept the responsibility that goes along with it. Get it through your heads libs…you can’t do one without the other. And granting “sexual rights” is an absolute waste of time. Oh, it may make you and the 3% of people who are gay feel better, but they also would have to accept the responsibility that goes along with it. Oh…and you would have to be in a position to give rights in the first place…meaning you’d have o be God. Somehow I think you fall short on that account!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Let’s Stop With The “Rights”, Shall We?

  1. Yeah all these rights have now screwed everything up Go back to equality for all and we are good to go. as long as we stick our actual rights not these new rights made by the scotus which is not their job.

    • I agree. When we realize that man doesn’t give man rights, but those come from God, then maybe we can start changing this stuff for the better! Dems don’t like that because they have to accept the fact there IS a God in the first place.

      • So true and that brings to the heart of the debate The Dems don’t believe God has a role to play in our government. I ask why the hell not? It is far better than a bunch of liberals playing
        God and trying to control our lives.

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