Was Carly Right?

In the debate on CNN Wednesday evening, Carly Fiorina brought up a point worth exploring. She said that Hillary Clinton had no accomplishments. I’ve always thought that. Obama administration officials have long been stumped when asked to name one. In fact Jen Psaki, who at the time worked at the State Department with Clinton, and was the spokesperson under H, said that there were a lot of people who had worked at State longer than she, and she was sure one of them could come up with something. Not a real ringing endorsement of a hub of activity there!

Well, leave it to Politico to ask twenty Democrats what her biggest accomplishment was. Most came up with really lame stuff. People like Harry Reid said that she left the State Department in better shape and we had better relations internationally than we did during the Bush administration. You know…I’ve GOT to find out what drugs Harry Reid is on!

Bill Richardson, former secretary of energy and also former governor of New Mexico echoed that Hillary “rebuilt” our relationships with the world. Huh? I guess the GOP just isn’t able to get the right prescriptions! Gotta get me some of those drugs!

I looked deep into their reasons and list of accomplishments. Once you took away the bullshit, you came to realize that she really did two things. She spoke out for Chinese women to get “human rights” (there’s that liberal handing out rights like candy again), and she DID do a lot to allow underprivileged kids healthcare through the SCHIP program. But unlike Chuck Schumer’s remarks, I doubt you would find anyone of legal sanity that would agree with him that she’s “one of the most accomplished people to run for president ever”. Really Chuck? She’s as accomplished as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, hell, John F. Kennedy? What about her own damn husband who was a governor of a state, and had executive leadership experience?

No, I’m sorry to say that I can only go along with one thing on that list and that was the healthcare for kids thing. That by the way was brought up by political strategist Anita Dunn. Everyone else gave flowery bullshit for an answer. That’s what Hillary Clinton is all about.

When you ask twenty top people in any political party to give you the accomplishments of anyone in their party running for the nations’ top job and they can only give you one thing that isn’t glittery crap, it shows that maybe Carly Fiorina was right.

I’m not saying that Carly has had the right answers to everything. Hell, I’m not saying she was the savior that she professed to be at Hewlett-Packard. All I’m saying is, she’ hit the nail on the head on this one. Hillary Clinton has not had an accomplishment anywhere in her life that would qualify her to run for the president of the United States, other than the fact she’s old enough and she is a woman. Period. That and $2.50 will get you a cup of coffee if you’re careful where you get it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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