Hillary’s Campaign Not Just Costing Her, But CGI Too!

We have detailed Hillary Clinton’s campaign problems ad nauseum…probably because I enjoy reading about and seeing this witch suffer. But she’s doing damage far beyond the world of politics. Apparently her scandals, her political aspirations, her hands in the air, “What difference does it make” attitude are having repercussions in another avenue…her family business.

The Clinton Global Initiative is getting ready for its 11th meeting coming up this week. And while Bill and Chelsea Clinton will be there, Hillary won’t be. Also not in attendance were six global giant corporations who had planned on participating, but have since decided it best to back away from the family.

Samsung, Exxon-Mobile, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Hewlett-Packard, and Monsanto are all backing out. Dow, is no longer listed on their company list of donors. And last year, representatives from the EPA and the Department of Commerce, as well as Bobo advisor, Valerie Jarrett all spoke. None of them will be in attendance this year.

The reason is simple. The Clintons have become poison. And these leading companies are the first to say that they think it better for their corporate image to find another place to put their millions of dollars in donations. Oh, there will be others. Count on it. Corporate America is a tight-knit group. CEO’s talk to each other all the time, and when you think of the Fortune 500 list of companies of 500 guys and gals sitting around talking to each other, and they find out that people of some of the largest and most influential firms are backing away, others are certain to follow.

Now, that doesn’t mean everyone will. There are companies out there headed by liberals that will most assuredly be in attendance and will continue to line the Clinton’s pockets. Bill Gates is scheduled to be there, so you know Microsoft is still on board with the Clintons. And there are tons of others.

I’m amazed at the scam that Bill and Hillary came up with in setting this “charity” up. And I’m not discounting the good it’s done for some people of the world. But I can guarantee you this. There are quite a few charities out there that could have taken the hundreds of millions of dollars that these guys took in, and would have done a whole lot more with it. You don’t think if the American Red Cross got that kind of money that they wouldn’t have been able to help the world more? But the poor American Red Cross doesn’t have a past-president and (at the time) a sitting secretary of state at its helm.

As Hillary continues to slide in the polls, as the email scandal continues to unravel further, it is going to be interesting to see if this house of cards starts to tumble. As I’ve always said…the wheels of justice grind very slowly, but very, very fine. Let’s see if it bears out to prove me right!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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