“Little Debbie” Heckled At DNC Gathering

I found it rather amusing to view not one, but FOUR videos turned in (one of which came from a CNN talking head) that showed a DNC event (it didn’t say where), in which Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was at the podium trying to speak, and was being heckled by the entire crowd. Why? They wanted more debates.

Four different people in that crowd saw fit to videotape the mass protest. Now, these weren’t Republican plants. This was a DNC gathering. These were DEMOCRATS that were unhappy with their own party over the failure to provide them with enough debates to objectively select a candidate for president.

In one of the videos, Little Debbie can be heard over the chants of “We Want Debates!”, “My friends, what’s more important, drawing the contrast with Republicans or arguing about debates?” to which the crowd screamed “DEBATES!”

Yes, the GOP is in a tizzy with the fact that the top two leaders in every poll have nothing to do with politics, and that the leader is a big-mouth that likes to stir the pot every chance he gets. Yes, it’s not really the person we ultimately want as president, though we admire his candor and honesty, and ability to be unpolitically correct in this day and age. But to see that the Democrats are equally as dysfunctional is somehow settling and calming. No, not everybody is happy on the left side of the aisle.

And as the leadership of the right is assuring the masses that Donald Trump won’t be the nominee, the leadership of the left is doing everything in its power to insure that Hillary Clinton IS the nominee, despite the wishes of the masses.

This is one of the most interesting presidential races I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing…and I have been following presidential politics actively since 1968. Oh, I was alive for the 1964 and 1960 races, but I don’t remember them all that much. I have never seen both parties so out of touch with what their members want that they want to either allow or disallow the leader the position of nominee.

It doesn’t bode well for the country. It shows the angst that common everyday Americans feel about the leadership of our great nation. And we have one guy to thank for all of it…Bobo Obama. If it weren’t for his ineptitude in office, his cowardice, his ability to lie to the American people with a straight face and not give a damn what anyone thinks…if it weren’t for his ability to try to usurp power from congress and ignore the Supreme Court, none of this would be happening right now. We’d be in a very dull and very mundane run up to an election that wouldn’t be any more important than any other election. And Hillary Clinton would probably end up winning.

But people have absolutely had it with the way things are run. Republicans are pissed because the GOP led congress can’t get anything done…primarily because they haven’t got enough seats…but that doesn’t matter. The Democrats are pissed because the GOP took away their congress, and their president is a buffoon on the world stage and most of them are upset and sorry that they even voted for the guy. No, the angst America feels is real. Both at the Democrats and at the Republicans. And what is going to be even more fun to watch in the ensuing 14 months is how all of this is handled. Are we going to be handed two candidates we detest, don’t trust, aren’t telling us the truth, can’t win, etc.? And what would our response be in that situation? Ah, it’s going to be an interesting year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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