The Party’s Over…

OK, the GOP have had two debates. There have been some winners (Carly Fiorina stood out in both), and there have been some losers (Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, and Jeb Bush come to mind). In the span of the last month, we’ve had one person drop out of the 17 person GOP field. It’s time for more to call it quits.

If I were the czar of politics (is there such a thing???), here is what I would declare:

  1. Jim Gilmore is done. He’s out of the running. He hasn’t even reached the 1% mark in the polls, which would have qualified him for the debate at the Reagan Library. Why is he still around? There’s a golf course waiting for you Jim. Why don’t you drop out and save us all some time.
  2. Rick Santorum is done. He had a pleasant debate, but quite frankly he’s not catching on in the polls. He is finished. Rick, why not try another run for the Senate? You might do better than 1% in that one.
  3. Bobby Jindal is finished. I like you Bobby, but this isn’t the time for you. You never caught on with the public, you’ve never excited anyone. Your ideas are nice, but frankly, you don’t belong in national politics.
  4. George Pataki is done. George, your time has come and gone. You were a governor of a big state, and you should put that in your resume as your number attribute. But as for moving into a national political scene…sorry. You’re too old, you’re too liberal, you don’t fit the mold what the voter wants anymore. You’re done.

Now we can get all of our candidates on one stage (we’ve whittled it down to 12). I would also put the following people on notice that if they don’t reach at least five percent by the end of the next debate, they need to leave:

  1. Lindsay Graham. You did a great job at the CNN debate. Your ideas, your humor were fabulous. But your support sucks. Get it up or get out.
  2. Rand Paul. I don’t think you’ve got it in you. The more people learn of your politics…like your father…the more they want to shy away.
  3. Scott Walker. You’ve been a fighter. You haven’t backed down. You also haven’t been able to catch fire to any degree and keep the fire lit. Figure it out or head back to the Cheeseheads. And Walker listened to this sage advice, bowing out yesterday afternoon.
  4. Mike Huckabee. You deserved better. But you’re the victim of the “one time and out rule”. You’ve run for president more than any of these guys. Go back to your show on Fox News Channel. You’ve got an audience there, and they’ll take you back.

That is going to leave us with eight candidates. Solid field if I do say so myself. You’ve got Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina for the people wanting an outsider. You’ve got Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie for the guys with executive leadership experience as a governor. And you’ve got Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who are sitting senators. Yeah…that’ll give everybody something to vote for. And we’ll stop hearing all the carping why a guy with 1% of the vote only got 6 minutes of airtime in a three-hour debate!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!