FBI Not Playing Nice

In the ever twisting, never straight-answer world of Hillary Clinton’s emails and her private server, the FBI has taken to holding their cards very close to their vest. So close, apparently, that they aren’t going to cooperate with the Federal Court overseeing the cases brought by Judicial Watch, in which that firm is trying to pry those emails out of the server with the Court’s help.

In a statement released by the FBI, they are saying that they are not confirming nor denying that they are even working on the email server case, citing precedent and standard operating procedure in that vein. Of course, that doesn’t suit a lot of the parties involved in this.

The State Department would like to know if the FBI has actually been able to recover anything from the server that would further embarrass their former boss, and if so, how bad it would be so they can spin it properly. Judicial Watch would like to see those emails, if any, that have been recovered. The courts would just like some answers from the FBI. And nobody is getting anywhere. Of course, the longer this thing drags on, the worse it is for Hillary. She’s scheduled to testify before Trey Gowdy’s committee on Benghazi next month, and if the emails are brought forth by the FBI by then, it could drag into next year. That’s something the Clinton campaign really doesn’t want to have happen. Can you imagine the angst its going to cause if Hillary is sitting on the cusp of a nomination going into Super Tuesday, and the FBI drops a bombshell that she lied about the emails, and she really WAS selling favors to foreign governments in exchange for donations to CGI? Yikes!

Worse yet…if this dragged on for a year, and Clinton got to the fall campaign in 2016 as the nominee and it hit sometime in October, can you imagine what the response would be? Or if they indicted her and took her away in handcuffs? Nah… that’s not a pretty sight. And only Hillary would be able to tell us at this point if that’s in the cards. Only Hillary and her legal team know what’s on that server…or what WAS on that server.

Of course, all of this could be for naught if the National Enquirer story about Hillary suffering from strokes and MS is true. If that story turns out to be valid, and to be honest, you’d probably be shocked at the number of NE stories that ARE true, and the number of times that publication has actually broken top stories, that would ruin her campaign all on its own.

No, I don’t think the Hillary Clinton campaign is all that healthy right about now. I’d put it less healthy than Rick Perry or Scott Walker, both of whom have decided to call it quits on the GOP side. The only thing keeping Hillary afloat at this point is she has a ton of cash. She’s not worried about the money side of things, and that’s what sank the two candidates that have left the race so far.

There are way too many negatives for Hillary Clinton to win the White House. No human being can confront all of the issues she’s facing and come out a winner. That you can take to the FBI!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “FBI Not Playing Nice

  1. What do I know about any of this, but I caught an interview the other morning with Ambassador Bolton. He said all the FBI was doing was refusing to respond to a request from the judge, how ever anybody wants to read that. Bolton then said to him this indicates the FBI is very deep into a criminal investigation of Hill and her server. Keep the popcorn handy, kids.

  2. Washington politics is only going to keep anything Hillary as a scandal, do nothing more than give people something to scream and talk about. Justice doesn’t apply to the Clintons’, Obamas’ or Gores’ of the world. Only, lowly Illinois governor types serve time. Hillary Clinton may not get elected president, I believe she will be swept under the carpet. Hopefully she stays there.

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