Nope…Hillary ISN’T Stablizing!

Well, I thought with yesterday’s post that  Hillary Clinton may actually be bottoming out. Of course, that was a Clinton News Network poll, which showed her actually rebounding a bit. But two other polls are showing different stories. Fox News latest poll shows Hillary in the 40’s, but slipping to Bernie Sanders (at 30%), and a new Bloomberg poll shows Hillary at 33%, with Biden now topping Sanders 25 to 24%.

Bloomberg is also reporting that some of Hillary’s personal and private email that had been deleted has actually been recovered by the FBI. But before you go running to see it on some server somewhere, forget about it. This is the FBI. They are NOT going to be releasing anything to anybody except the Justice Department. I think we all know how they are going to react, but I trust the FBI to keep it down the middle.

The big question that I have, as well as millions of others, is whether the “personal” emails that Hillary said were about Chelsea’s wedding plans, and yoga routines, were actually about Clinton Global Initiative asking for donations from foreign governments for State Department favors. Now, THAT would mean that Hillary’s biggest problem isn’t her fall in the polls. That would mean Hillary’s biggest problem has to do with charges of treason, which in case you missed class that day when they covered the constitution is the only crime mentioned in the constitution. It carries a penalty of death.

The official word from the Clinton campaign (as if it matters), is that they’ve always cooperated with the authorities, and they want all relevant emails released. Sure they do. Especially if it shows Hillary asking for donations for CGI, while granting State Department favors. Think again Clinton campaign staff!

Now, add to the mess the fact that the State Department is trying to distance themselves from Clinton saying that their request to her was unique. Hillary has long maintained that the State Department’s request to turn over emails was the standard operating procedure for the state department. It wasn’t. Another Hillary lie.

Meanwhile, the Vice President is rattling his saber at the Clinton campaign saying that he’s getting

closer to making his decision as to when he’s going to decide to get in to the fray or stay on the sidelines. Vegas odds would say he’s going to get in eventually, sometime between now and the filing deadlines for the primaries.

And so, Hillary continues to struggle, continues to push. All the while she continues to obfuscate and lie, thinking that if she is adement enough, she can escape the wrath of the American public and the Democratic voters. It’s becoming apparent that one by one, they are leaving her in the dust…opting for either Bernie Sanders, or more likely, the sitting Vice President. Either one of which would have a better chance of winning the White House in November of next year than Hillary…but both would be a long shot!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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