OK, Joe…It’s time…

Joe Biden has played a very smart political game as of late. It’s like when you go to a concert. The band is playing and you’re really loving it. They finish their last set, and wave to the crowd and walk off. All of a sudden, all of the lighters come out and everyone is screaming for an encore. Do you think the band is coming right back? Hell no! They’re back in their dressing room, having a beer. They’ll let the crowd cheer, expectantly, hopefully, for 10 minutes. Maybe 15 if you’d let them.

Then they come back on stage to a raucous audience response to play their big hit. Well, it’s like that in politics too. Joe Biden has seen a concert or two in his day, I’m assuming. Right now, he’s back stage, enjoying a doobie or a beer. And listening to the crowd cheer. And he’s loving it.

And soon, Biden is going to make an announcement that he’s thought it over and now is the time for him to jump in the race. And that sound you hear right after that is Hillary Clinton taking a dump in her pant suit. That’s because that is the absolute LAST thing she wants to hear. Hell, she’s having to pull out all of the stops to stay ahead of a friggin’ socialist in Bernie Sanders! Bernie “I’m from friggin’ Vermont” Sanders! You don’t think she’s going to have a cow when Biden, a respected politician, gets into the ring?

But it’s time Joe. The crowd is primed and ready. You’ve talked to all of Hillary’s big money donors and they’ve all said they’d come running over to you and help you out if you decide to get in. They’re not stupid. They don’t want Sanders because nationally, he’s unelectable. Oh, he’s drawing big crowds, like Trump is, but he’s unelectable. And they think Hillary at some point in time is going to wheel at cart full of lamps on stage at a rally at start throwing them at the media that are covering her. No, Joe, it’s time. Your party needs you. Even though they’ve firmly rejected you twice before, that was with real candidates. You’ve got a woman who hasn’t done a damn thing in her life except lie and obfuscate, and a guy from Vermont. For crying out loud, if you ever wanted to run for president in your life, unwad your panties, and get out there.

Frankly, I think Biden would give the GOP more of a scare than any of the candidates that the Dems are looking at now. He’s polished, he comes across well, and he’s friendly. None of the Dems come across as really likeable. and likeable usually wins. That’s why I really don’t think Trump is going to get the nod. Ben Carson? Yup. He’s likeable. Carly Fiorina? Yup, somewhat likeable. Donald Trump? Nope. He’s mean-spirited and talks in generalities. And Biden would eat him for dinner in a debate. He’d flash those teeth in a big grin and tell Donald, you’re out of your league, son. It’s that simple.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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