Boehner Resigns: Were YOU Surprised?

I got back home at 7:30am yesterday morning from my 4 mile hike that I take every day, and my wife announced to me that John Boehner was quitting. I thought she meant he was stepping down as Speaker of the House. I was a little surprised to see he was giving up his seat at the end of October. But then when I thought about it, I decided, yeah…I can see that.

It makes total sense if you look at it from Boehner’s eyes. He’s had the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi up his ass since he took over as Speaker, and he’s had his fair share of conservative Republicans up there as well. That means it’s pretty crowded up in that dark, deep crevice. And you can only go through life like that for so long before you say, “What the hell am I doing this for?” And that is what happened to Boehner. At least…that’s what I THINK happened to Boehner.

My wife on the other hand thinks it has to do with his health. I’m not so sure. I think the Pope got to him in a deep and meaningful way when he spoke before Congress. You could see him wiping his eyes several times. And let’s not mince words here, Boehner was in a no-win situation when it came to the defunding of Planned Parenthood. As long as the Democrats in the Senate back Planned Parenthood, they’re going to keep their funding. I just think Boehner looked down the road, saw that a government shutdown was inevitable and decided that he didn’t want to be part of it. So, he thought he’d back out while the backing was good. The Governor of Ohio gets to replace him until the 2016 election, which means John Kasich will be naming his replacement, and no, John…I have no desire to move back to Ohio to take the seat. You have too many cloudy days and then there’s that thing called “winter”. No thanks! But it WOULD be nice to have a number one football team from my home state again!

Boehner has spent a career in the house. He was first elected in 1990, and he has been a good representative from the people down Cincinnati way. Cincy is one of those towns that was uber-conservative for the longest time until they started growing and more liberal factions started moving in. And Boehner isn’t one of the most conservative guys in the world. I think in the end, he felt why fight the Democrats and a growing segment of his own party. It made sense for him to leave while he’s on top…or at least not on the bottom.

To leave like a Harry Reid, or a Nancy Pelosi is a mistake in my book. Always leave while you’re on top while the people say good things about you (or at least your side does in Reid and Pelosi’s case). They waited too long and now they’re really non-entities. For someone who has the power those two had to fade softly into the darkness has to really hurt…but that’s they want they wanted it. Boehner won’t be at the top of his game when he leaves, but he won’t be a Pelosi either. I give him credit for that.

And now it looks like Kevin McCarthy from California is in line to become the next Speaker. He’s more conservative than Boehner and has the respect of the right side of the party. He should do well…but it won’t be easy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Boehner Resigns: Were YOU Surprised?

  1. If I had the chance to speak to Boehner personally I would explain to him that in his position people expect action and at least in my view he did as little as he could get by with for far too long. Maybe it is me but I approach things with a can do attitude and Johnny boy seemed to approach things with the idea of not making waves which to me is somewhat of a sellout stance for his position.. When he did not want to vote for ending the insider type trading on the hill I knew money had become far more important than you and I. For some time now it has seemed to me the job was given to the wrong man. One cannot want a job so much they live in fear of losing it. Because when that becomes the case that person is no longer effective. I enjoyed your post it was a two cups of coffee read…heading into a third now…LOL

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