Was Ben Carson Right?

Ben Carson has been taking a LOT of heat when he was asked the question if he would support a Muslim for president and he said he wouldn’t. He’s back-tracked, side-tracked, and danced more than Mr. Bojangles trying to get out of the mess. In the end, most Americans agree with him. THEY wouldn’t vote for a Muslim either. And I think Ben Carson was dead-nuts on right in saying what he did.

In this election campaign of brutal honesty, that’s exactly what Ben Carson was. I know it pissed off people like Omar Ahmad, who’s the founder of the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Ahmad has been calling for Carson to withdraw from the presidential race ever since he said that. But frankly, Ahmad can go pound sand. Carson was dead-nuts on right in saying what he did.

And it appears that America agrees with him.

About 70% of the “likely voters” out there say they’d never vote for a Muslim for president. And here’s the astonishing fact. 51% of American Muslims say if they had the chance, they’d replace the US Constitution with Sharia Law. Do you need any more proof that this is a dangerous group? I guess it begs to ask the question that everyone in America is asking, but not publicly, and since I have no shame, I am going to ask it…

Is it time to “decertify” Islam as a religion?

At what point do you say that a “religion” isn’t a religion? I don’t think that the Supreme Court has answered that question. Oh, they may have of the one guy in Oxnard, California who thought he could marry his French poodle because of his own religious beliefs that he just made up. But at what point do you point to one of the top four religions in the world and say, “Nope. Not going to grant you religious freedom on that one”, because they are out to destroy us, and Christians and Jews around the world?

It’s a fair question. It begs being debated. Frankly, I have always put religious freedom at the top of the heap in the freedoms God gave us when this country was started. The right to worship as we pleased was top of the list as to why this country was formed in the first place. But when there is a religion that professes to end this country as we know it? Well, that’s when I stop calling that religion a religion, and say, “Game on”. Yes, it will piss them off. Yes, it won’t be popular, but it’s the right thing to do, and it’s time that mainstream American media stop dancing around the question. When MOST AMERICAN Muslims feel that Sharia Law is better than the Constitution, I would give them the options of a) converting, b) leaving the US and giving up their citizenship, and c) being taken care of in a more painful, less humane manner (think of how the Islamists in the Middle East are treating Christians).

If they want war, I say we give them war. If they want a Caliphate, I say we stop them. If their religion teaches them to kill all of the infidels (as it does in the Koran), then I say it’s no longer a religion, it’s a cult…no better than the Branch Dividians.

Was Ben Carson right? Damn straight Ben Carson was right.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  2. I watched a video the other day where some Muslims were upset over a school not observing a Muslim holiday and an angry Muslim woman states that soon they would be the majority. I have a friend in the UK And he tells me about Muslims that migrate to the UK and do not believe they are bound by UK law. I hav seen them warn that Sharia law will be imposed either by vote or by fight. I believe Ben Carson was correct, the backlash comes largely for offending the political correct crowd. But what really bothers me is an arrogant people who believe we bow to their demands They are supposed to assimilate and it is more like they expect us to assimilate to to their cultural beliefs. Ben spoke his mind and that should be enough. Honestly I don’t want a true Muslim president because I do not believe they would honor the Constitution. This is why I brought up the woman stating soon they would be the majority. Many of these Muslims that come here do not do so thinking what a great country to be becoming a part of. Rather they come here believing in many instances we will conform to their culture. As usual I took the long way around but yes I damn well believe Carson was right. I just wish he did not feel he had to justify honest feelings. State what he believs and do not retreat. Great post here I appreciated the read.

    • Once again, you’ve nailed it! I frankly don’t care if the Muslims are here, but I DO care if they want to change the way WE live. They come here…THEY change. THEY assimilate to US, not the other way around!

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