America Shrugs Responsibilities, Someone Else Takes Over

It’s like this in life usually. If you decide to wake up this morning and do a real crappy job this morning at whatever vocation you’re in, someone somewhere will most likely step up and cover for you. They’ll make up for your short fall. I personally think because they would feel that if it were them that were lacking, maybe we would step up for them. It’s not just something that happens at the workplace. Look around, it happens every day on the street. The little old lady that can’t mow her yard anymore, and the kid down the street who’s just trying to be nice by mowing it for her.

It’s that way with country’s too…except sometimes, there’s an ulterior motive.

And that’s what is happening in the Middle East. The United States, and more importantly, the Obama administration, has decided to turn it’s back on the responsibility of finishing what was started. Oh, there could be five million excuses why. But Obama has decided that he is going to shun that responsibility that was left to him by George W. Bush. Right or wrong, we were involved in the Middle East, and it was Obama’s job to finish the job. He failed. And like the guy at your job that was going to cover for you because you didn’t feel like working today…someone else has decided to cover for the US. Only, they aren’t doing it to be kind. They’re doing it for a toe-hold in a region they’ve had trouble getting into for a long time. That someone is Russia.

Vladimir Putin has decided that since the US is too weak, too undecided, too tired for war in Syria and with ISIS, HE is going to do something about it. So, he’s sending ground troops in to finish the job the US is too feckless to conclude. HE is sending in fighter jets, tanks, troops, his navy, all to help out Bashar al Assad. Remember, Assad has long been a Russian ally, and Russia does have skin in the game. They’ve got a naval base in Syria.

So where Bobo Obama is too chicken to send boots on the ground because that is what it takes…because he is too feckless a leader to be able to convince others in the region that they really need to do this instead of the United States…because he’s much more concerned with the hoax of global warming than fixing real, man-made problems like ISIS, and Iran getting nuclear weapons, Russia is going to step in and do it for us. The only problem with that is that when the conclusion comes about, Russia is going to be the one to have the foothold in the Middle East. When Russia decides that only Iran is to get nuclear weapons in that region, then it won’t be the United States or John Kerry trying to negotiate things. It will be Russia leading the charge. All because Bobo Obama was too involved with funding Planned Parenthood, and stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline, and putting an end to the dreaded Global Warming! Yes…this has been a wonderful presidency. Too bad he forgot to do something good for America along the way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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