Does DOJ Have Guts To Indict Hillary?

Hillary Clinton has committed perjury before a Federal Court. She has lied, legally and as such should certainly be punished for her actions. Now, the question is, will the Department of Justice and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, have the guts to do anything about it, or will she act like her cowardly predecessor, and sweep it all under the rug telling the American public, “Nothing to see here folks…move along”.

Hillary Clinton signed an affidavit with a Federal Judge saying that she had turned over all of her emails to the State Department. That was false. The Obama administration has found a chain of emails with then head of the US Military’s Central Command, General David Petraeus. Now, there doesn’t appear to be anything classified in the emails. According to My Way News, the chain started before she took office as secretary of state, and crossed over that date, dealing mostly with personnel issues. But it IS a violation of that affidavit she signed, and she DID commit perjury.

Let’s add to that, shall we? The State Department has found additional emails that were classified at the time she wrote them, and at the time she received them, meaning that the March 10th statement that she made at the United Nations while declaring that she fully understood what was classified and what wasn’t classified, and she didn’t have anything classified on that server, was false. In fact, it also shows her lying later when she changed that remark to include “at the time they were written or received”, to of course, give her more leeway. That statement also appears to be false.

There really is only a couple of questions I have for Hillary Clinton in all of this mess. Frankly, I think she was stupid for using a home-based server. Frankly, I think she’s lied through her teeth throughout the whole process in order to protect her candidacy for president. And frankly, I think she’s still hiding stuff. But the questions I would have to have answered by her and proven to be true by facts, since we can’t trust her words anymore are:

  1. Did you have any emails regarding the Clinton Global Initiative either sent or received on that server?
  2. Did you send or receive any emails from foreign governments on that email server that discussed CGI in any capacity?
  3. Did you at any time, agree to, imply, hint, or state that you would give any sort of favors or favorable outcomes from the State Department to any foreign government in exchange for donations or speaking engagements for anyone connected to CGI?
  4. Why, if you had previously said you had turned over all of the pertinent emails to the State Department are they now finding more emails you sent through other sources that you did not include in your material handed over?
  5. If any of the answers given to any of the above questions are proven to have shown that you have lied while answering them, are you willing to step down as a candidate for President and never run for elective office of any kind ever again?

Go ahead Hillary. Take your time and answer those questions. I can wait.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    • Not so fast ol’ friend! Something tells me the boys at the FBI are onto something even Bobo can’t turn his back on (and I’m thinking he doesn’t want Hillary to win anymore…he has a better chance with Biden!)

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