Cheryl Mills DID Email Classified Docs To Clinton Foundation

It’s becoming more and more evident that the Hillary Clinton email server scandal is not going away. This thing has not only sprouted legs, it has started to run. Not a day goes by that it doesn’t get deeper and deeper and new revelations emerge as to how involved this whole mess is.

The latest iteration shows that Cheryl Mills, who was high up in the Hillary food chain actually sent classified documents to the foreign policy director of the Clinton Foundation…a violation of federal law.

The documents in question were about the Congo, and were sent to Amitabh Desai, of the Clinton Foundation back in July of 2012. Now, the documents weren’t marked “classified” at the time they were sent, but standard operating procedure, as we all know by now, is that whenever you’re talking about a foreign government, that document is classified from the moment it is created. It didn’t need to be marked classified if it discussed the Congo.

Meanwhile, the FBI has let slip that they are deeply involved in a criminal investigation of the whole email server scandal, and that they’ve retrieved several of the 30,000 “private” emails that Hillary Clinton had deleted off of her server. Of course, Clinton is still wearing that Alfred E. Newman “What? Me Worry?” face that graced Mad Magazine for decades, telling anyone that will listen that she did everything that she should have done and nothing was illegal or wrong. Privately, those are bricks coming out of her ass.

All the FBI really has to do is have it leaked that any of the 30,000 emails that were erased were actually not private, but contained work-related information, and Hillary can be brought up on contempt and perjury charges at the very least. Remember, she did sign that court document that all of her work-related files were turned over to the State Department. If the FBI finds that’s not the case, she could be looking at a trial. And the one thing the Clintons have felt all along in this mess, is that they can slough off to a “vast right-wing conspiracy” any and all allegations as long as there’s no indictment. If she’s indicted for anything at all, it’s going to be game over. And of course, then she pressures Bobo Obama to pardon her so the whole thing would go away.

Actually, I mentioned back in the summer when Bill played golf with Bobo on Martha’s Vineyard that I thought a deal had been struck. If you missed it, I basically said that Biden gets in the race, and at some point, Hillary bows out and throws her support to Biden, claiming health issues, grandma issues, or some other stupid thing, and then before he leaves office, Bobo pardons her of any wrong-doing she may have had with Benghazi, with the email servers, with anything she’s ever done…which he can certainly do.

If that happens, her chances of a political career are over, but she’d serve not jail time. And if it gets right down to her being indicted, you can bet that replaces being the first female president in US history as the top priority in Hillary Clinton’s mind. At least it should be!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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