Another Senseless Shooting…Another Senseless White House Response

Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon became the latest site for a school shooting that left upwards of 17 people dead and another 15 to 20 people injured. A gunman walked into a classroom on the Community College campus, asked for people to announce their religion and opened fire. Police were immediately called to the scene and when the smoke cleared, the shooter was killed, along with upwards of 17 others.

Some five hours later, a somber President Obama addressed the nation and said that this was becoming common place, and that our prayers for the victims and their families were not enough. Of course, it was leading up to yet another left-wing cry for stronger gun control laws. As if breaking a law was going to stop this person, or any of the people who have committed this heinous act.

If I really had any inkling of belief that the left could come up with a law that would actually be adhered to, I would be more than happy to give it a shot. But alas, they don’t have a clue. I would tell them this. You write whatever law you want. And the next time there is a mass shooting like this, you drop asking for stronger gun control laws forever. Because quite frankly, it’s not the fact we don’t have strong enough laws that are causing this. It’s the fact that we have mentally ill people obtaining weapons. And even if they are sane when they buy them, it doesn’t mean they stay sane. Or they take their parents’ weapons. Laws aren’t the answer. But the left doesn’t want to hear the real answer.

The real answer is that we have to institutionalize those that are in need of mental health. We have to make sure that at the first sign of someone going off the rails, they get help on an in patient basis. And if they can’t, they need to be somehow taken out of circulation so they can’t hurt others. That is the real answer. We need parents (two of them) to help raise kids and be responsible in how they do it. With all of the headline-grabbing mass shootings out there, more black on black shootings occur than all of the mass shootings combined. It occurs because of a breakdown in the family…a loss of traditional family values… and a loss of faith in God. Those are the real reasons. But the left wants to think that by adding yet another gun control law to the books, the whole thing will go away. Naive little beings, aren’t they? And like a feckless president who doesn’t have a clue how to stop things from happening, the left believes that more and stringent laws up to and including taking away everyones’ guns would be the answer. And then what are they going to do when that doesn’t work?

No, the left is clueless when it comes to how to solve this problem. They always have been. And more laws are not the answer. We need to make sure we are enforcing the laws we have. Then, we need to look at the real problem. And that’s a problem that no law in the world can challenge. We need more responsible parenting.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Another Senseless Shooting…Another Senseless White House Response

  1. Obama cries foul – that people will say he’s politicizing these events and yet that’s exactly what he is doing. To never let a good crisis go to waste has been the credo of the Left for years and everyone knows it.

    What the Left won’t talk about about concerning gun control is the same thing they try to hide about everything else. The bigger/more powerful government becomes the less it matters how creatively and carefully legislation is written to benefit society without threatening liberty. Incompetence/ignorance and corruption of the rank and file within the massive bureaucracies end up misinterpreting/twisting the spirit of the legislation and mishandle the power. It’s this knowledge that causes the conservative right in America to fight so hard against more government control over anything.

    • I wouldn’t even have a problem with more gun legislation except they’ve proven time and time again that it doesn’t work. Remember the “Brady Bill”? That was supposed to end gun violence in this country. The problem is, liberals won’t be happy until they outlaw guns. They can’t, but they won’t be happy until they do. and they’re going to try to do it through incrementalism. It’s the only play in their playbook.

  2. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    In typical fashion, Obama extols gun control while remaining mute about the shooter asking religious affiliations, specifically, Christianity. It is amazing that Obama, an alleged constutional professor, knows absolutely nothing about infringement of constitutional rights, leading me to believe that previous allegations against Barrack Obama having purchased degree and transcripts from diploma mills, is founded in Obama’s stupidity of constitutional law. Further, if anyone, dares not consider that Christianity and Judaism are joinned at the hip and require mutual support to defeat cult behavior of certain Islamics, they need a psychiatric examination because Israel and possibly the Russian Federation, are on the right side of history, while Barrack Obama is nothing more than a terrorist and Made Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, doing its bidding to destroy both, America and, Israel. Again, peaceful Muslims fail, to call out terrorism and denounce it, therefore we conclude, a mute response is condoning jihad cult behavior. I will not have any sympathy should retaliation takes place in answer to the latest terrorist event and innocent people are harmed, as usually, innocent people are, harmed. Obama made this mess, and anyone that voted for Obama (twice!) should be ashamed of their decision(s), and seek appropriate response from the Oval Office or consider voting for any other party affiliation as Obama has sullied the DNC to a position ebbing low tide, along with the stench that everyone smells, except, Obama.

  3. Excellent article, DR, and Brittius is dead on too in his comments. Call me cynical, but I think Barry’s phony anger during his presser was that he was more pissed that he had to interrupt his day to make one of these speeches than anything else. Maybe it cut into his tee-time or a scheduled call to chat with Jay-Z. His failure to speak out against the targeting of Christians in this incident, and make it all about gun control, made his entire speech a waste of time.

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