Did Hillary Screw Israel Because Of Emails?

It’s one thing to lie to protect yourself and your family…and I think we’ve all pretty much done that. To that end, you could, if you took this to the nth degree probably even excuse Hillary Clinton’s lies that she’s told regarding her email server and that whole scandal because she is, in essence lying to protect herself (well, ok…her candidacy).

It’s a big stretch, I admit, and frankly it’s one I’m not really keen on using, but it’s there, and it’s what the Democrats are willing to do to get by this whole thing.

But to screw another country? Apparently, it was Hillary Clinton that leaked Israel’s battle plans against Iran in the event of the Peacock Empire getting a nuclear weapon. And apparently, according to sources a Washington Post reporter (yeah… the same guys that uncovered Watergate), Hillary leaked it to a New York Times reporter and used her private email server to do it. This means that of course, the FBI now has it.

Oh. By the way, emailing classified documents like this? Yeah…that’s a federal crime. You can spend a long time in the big house for something like that. You know we’ve all joked about Hillary wearing orange pant-suits, right? Well, this time there may be no way the Obama administration can turn its head and look the other way. IF this is true, and frankly once again, I can’t see how the Post is going to get it wrong when it’s a liberal candidate they’re talking about, the Obama administration has no other option, no other DUTY than to prosecute the violator to the fullest extent of the law.

Hell, we took General David Petraeus, a decorated veteran of the Iraq Wars and one of the army’s top dogs and basically ruined his career because he kept secret classified documents at his house and leaked them to his mistress (who by the way, also had clearance to view said documents). Hillary is alleged to have leaked classified documents to someone who had no clearance to view them. If that is the case, and that can be proven in a court of law, there is no presidential run. There is nothing but a court date, and a trial, and an indictment, followed by a lengthy prison term.

Now the interesting question had two parts. The first is, IF the FBI has enough criminal evidence to go after Hillary on this charge, will the Obama administration actually do it? They have proven that they were castrated eons ago when it comes to difficult decisions. They lost not only the balls but also the ability to make the right decisions so long ago it’s not funny. My hunch is they do go ahead with it because Hillary will tank in the polls on this one even further, leading Joe Biden to want to get in. And let’s face it, there is no love lost between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They do not like each other.

The second question I have is actually more probable. IF the Obama justice department goes after Clinton, as they should, would Obama on his last day in office and then  pardon her? He can certainly wipe the slate clean. To do so to allow her to run for president would be a travesty and would lead to a landslide for the GOP. But if he waited until she got convicted, he could pardon her before she sets foot in jail. And she could live out her life in Chappaqua serving tea and cookies to her neighbors. That is until Israel decides to retaliate and sends a hit-squad after her!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “Did Hillary Screw Israel Because Of Emails?

  1. barry would forgive her for the suffering she had to sustain at the hands of GOP haters of freedom loving Hillary.  The Israelis would not go after her.

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    • Uh….I wouldn’t be too sure about either of those points. Obamas and Clintons are like oil and water…they tolerate each other when it leads to mutual satisfaction, but they really don’t like each other, and nothing would make Obama happier than to see Hillary get her ass handed to her (especially if it could be someone loyal to him, like Biden, that did it!). As for the Israelis not going after her, do you really think if faced with extinction, they wouldn’t retaliate? The Israelis aren’t afraid of anyone…and aren’t afraid to go after anyone they deem a threat to their lives.

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  3. Obama DOJ going after her? Maybe. If her numbers are looking worse around Nov-Dec and Obama thinks a draft Biden movement could take hold quickly enough to ensure his victory? Possibly. I think the Dem party would lose its collective mind, but Obama has shown he is willing to go after those he doesn’t like without care of peoples thoughts.
    The real question is though, does Obama see leaking Israeli plans as a violation. Or does he simply see it as a furthering of his cause and thus doesn’t care that she did it.

    • If Obama thinks Biden is the way home, he most certainly would throw Hillary under the bus and wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it. I don’t however think he would see leaking Israeli plans as a violation…probably would be more inclined to agree with her on that. But if he is in danger of losing everything he’s built (which admittedly isn’t much) in 7 years, yeah, he’d tell Loretta Lynch to go after her!

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