Does It REALLY Matter Who’s Speaker?

Kevin McCarthy stepped on his male member last week, causing a maelstrom of crap and giving Hillary Clinton some ammunition that the whole Benghazi select committee is nothing more than a witch hunt for her. McCarthy was an idiot for making such a bone-head statement. And it may cause him to lose the speakership when the House votes later today.

But does it really matter? Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Republican, announced earlier this week on Fox News that he was running for Speaker because of McCarthy’s big mouth. And basically, though there is a third candidate, he’s a non-entity. Chaffetz says that he’s going to be able to support McCarthy in the GOP caucus, but isn’t sure he has the 218 votes needed to win on the House floor. If that’s the case, it gets complicated, and Chaffetz feels that he has the ability to muster the votes as a “compromise candidate”.

All of this playing out is like a scene out of General Hospital…but does it really matter? I contend it does not.

The Speaker’s position will be valid for about a year. There’ll be an election next November and when the House gets back with a new session in January 2017, there will be another vote for Speaker at that time. So, whomever walks away with the job today, isn’t guaranteed he’ll get it next year. Not only that…but it’s going to be an election year. That means there’ll not be any major legislation that needs to get passed. Nobody on either side wants to be tied to major, controversial legislation in a year when they have to face the voters, so everybody will be sitting on the sidelines trying not to piss anyone off.

And that is the very reason why it doesn’t matter if Kevin McCarthy or Jason Chaffetz gets the nod later today. It doesn’t matter if Rand Paul (who got a vote the last time one was taken) gets the nod, or it doesn’t matter if I get the nod. And that’s possible, because you don’t have to be a member of the House of Representatives in order to be elected speaker. Anybody in the country could be elected speaker…though I think you need to meet some age requirement.

The main thing to realize here, is that the news hounds on the networks will play this that it is a major occurence. Fox News will publish an “alert”, and so will CNN. The networks will all lead with it tonight, and frankly, it doesn’t mean squat. The new Speaker, whomever it is has 14 months in office before the next election for Speaker. And in that time, there are going to be a couple of things that they are going to have to work on that are important…like a new budget seeing how Bobo Obama isn’t going to sign another CR (continuing resolution), and the debt ceiling limit is creeping up again. But those are pretty much housekeeping things…and as we saw with the Democrats when Harry Reid was majority leader, you don’t ever need to pass a budget.

So, it doesn’t matter who wins today. What matters is that the GOP extends its lead next November. it’s the only game in town!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!