Who Is Hillary REALLY Worried About?

My guess is that Hillary Clinton should probably be put up for an acting award of some sort next year. The face that she portrays in public is so stoic, so care-free that you have to wonder if she actually is aware of the fact that her campaign is tanking quicker than the Titanic. But in private, those that know the Arkansas Princess say she’s worried. She IS afraid that she may not realize her dream of becoming the first female president. The question is…who is it that she’s worried about?

Is it the FBI? I mean, for crying out loud…this whole investigation has a ring to it that I haven’t seen since Watergate. Iran-Contra didn’t have this feel to it. Neither did the Bill Clinton impeachment. No…this is something serious that should have her attention. But in reality, I’m thinking while she’s concerned about it to a degree, it’s only because it’s distracting her from “getting her message out”. I’ve been told by people very close to the campaign that the only thing that will worry them is an indictment, which basically sinks her. So, even though the FBI has found a second server company that backed up Platte River’s server for Hillary (which means the 30,000 private emails ARE alive and well and living in Connecticut), she doesn’t care about that.

Could it be that she’s worried about Joe Biden? I mean, every news pundit out there says he’s going to make his decision public sometime next week, either before the first Democratic debate, or right around that time to take some of the heat and interest off of the debate. It would be a stroke of genius, marketing-wise. Everybody on the Dems side tuning in to see Bernie vs. Hillary, and WHOMP…Biden appears with an announcement that he’s getting in the race and will be at the second debate. That would take all the air out of the room, and virtually make the first debate totally meaningless. And while Clinton has said she’s “giving Joe time to make this terribly difficult decision”, she’s got her fingers crossed that he leaves her alone and stays out.

Is it Bobo? I mean, let’s face it, Obama has a major hand to play in this one. On one hand, Hillary is trying to distance herself from him by going against him in his Syria policy, and now, just yesterday, coming out against the trade deal that she helped write. What’s up with that? Well, she knows with his unpopularity (which is about the same as hers), she needs to distance herself from the time she spent at State Department while extolling the virtues that she was the nation’s top diplomat for four years. And Bobo has a lot to say about what happens to her. He can come out against her; he can sic Loretta Lynch on her and slap some criminal charges on her; or he can decide NOT to pardon her for any crimes she may have committed.

But what it really is that keeps Hillary Clinton up at night is Bernie Sanders. This far left-wing, hair like Einstein guy that’s pulling in thousands of fans to her hundreds and half empty rooms is weighing on her. She’s been unable to even mention his name in public, and he’s taking advantage of it. He has one distinct advantage over Hillary…he hasn’t been caught up in any scandal. He’s not the focus of an FBI investigation. He’s MUCH more likeable, even as a curmudgeon. And he’s MUCH more popular. He’s also raising about as much money while holding 51 fewer fundraisers…because most of his campaign cash is coming from small donors over the internet. Yeah, Hillary is REALLY worried about Bernie. Which is why she came out against the TPP Trade Deal yesterday…a deal she had been for, and now is against…a deal she helped write.

She’s got a lot to be worried about. But in honesty, I think she’s worried over nothing when it comes to Sanders. She’s got MUCH more angst coming her way from others!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


6 thoughts on “Who Is Hillary REALLY Worried About?

  1. She is putting up her best political face. Underneath she has got to be very nervous. 

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