A Tale Of Two Candidates

Want to know the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats? Let’s take a look at two candidates. Oh, they’re not running for the same office, but let’s just, as they used to say in college, “contrast and compare”, shall we?

One candidate has had several gaffes. This particular candidate is having the past thrown up in their face. Apparently they made some stupid mistakes in a previous job and one party is calling them on it. And they have become exceedingly distrustful because as they’ve tried to explain the mistakes away, they’ve lied and have been caught in many lies throughout the last several months. This particular candidate was a contender for the office they were seeking. In fact, they were really on their way to winning their party’s nomination, but since all of the gaffes, all of the mistakes, and all of the lies, they’ve lost a lot of their luster. But they continue to press on, even though that there are now other candidates that are deciding to get into the race, candidates that could very well upend our candidate here, because the others don’t believe this person has the staying power to actually win the election.

Let’s look at another candidate. This particular person, like the last one, was a shoo-in for the seat they were seeking. There was only minimal competition, and it was felt they would have a relatively easy time of things in getting the nomination. It was a little less sure about winning the election, but they were very confident. They made one bad mistake. It was a gaffe that threw not only the person’s views, but their party under the bus. And when the nomination vote was set to take place, this particular candidate withdrew their name from consideration because they felt they had done enough damage and wanted someone who could unite and lead and didn’t feel they had that ability any more.

OK. Obviously, the first candidate is Hillary Clinton, and the second candidate was Speaker of the House candidate Kevin McCarthy. The similarities are striking. Both had gaffes that were major mistakes. Both caused their party consternation and despair, yet only one decided to do what was right for the party and step aside (which threw the whole town into chaos by the way). The other has gone back to a 25-year-old playbook and brought back the term “vast right-wing conspiracy” to sum up why she is falling in the polls, and why everyone is looking extra careful at her emails and her server, and all of her mistakes. She blames the media for the lies.

And there is the difference. Both have screwed up, but as we’ve seen time and time again, only the Republican has the guts and the intestinal fortitude to admit they were wrong and sacrifice their own political gain for the betterment of the party and the country. The Democrat casts all doubts aside, and fights through because this is their overall goal in life and they don’t want to be denied their life-long goal.

Which is right? Which is more just? I’m going to leave that to you to decide. Some would say the conviction to proceed in the maelstrom of a storm would be more of a positive quality. Others would say stepping aside when you know you’ve done damage to your party because of your actions would show the greater good. But the main point here is, there IS a main difference between the two parties and it usually breaks down just like this one has. One side refuses to quit, plays through any “injury” and is damned determined to win at any cost. The other side plays it more ethical, like it’s not that big of a deal if they lose as long as they can hold their head up high and look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow morning.

I personally think both sides need to be a little more like the other side. Hillary Clinton should certainly take a lesson from Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy on the other hand, will fade into the pages of history with not much more than a footnote because of his actions.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!