Obama’s “Gun Violence” Rhetoric Rings Empty

Think back to the day of the Oregon Community College shooting, and the presidential press conference that came after that. Remember, Bobo Obama, the worlds second most favorite clown, stood at the podium facing the press, bit his lip, and uttered that our hopes and prayers are with the families…but it’s not enough. That yes, he was going to politicize gun control because every couple of months we get these mass shootings, and he’s sick of it…America is sick of it! The only thing missing from this maudlin masquerade was a violin playing in the background.

Turns out, Obama is as big a liar when it comes to gun violence as he is when it comes to healthcare, or the Middle East, or a million other problems. Truth doesn’t stand in his way at all.

What has happened that makes Obama yet another liar on yet another topic is that rather than appoint Thomas Brandon, who’s been the acting head of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms since April (and done a good job by all accounts), as the new permanent head of that agency, Obama is going to demote him back to Deputy Director…the position he held previously.

The reason? It has nothing to do with Brandon’s job performance. Everyone agrees he’s done well. The reason has to do with the fact that Obama doesn’t want to have to make him sit through Senate confirmation hearings and certainly hear about “Fast & Furious” all over again. Yup. Obama has decided to leave the top gun control post in the country open because he doesn’t want to have to go through more scrutiny over a scandal that he had hoped had died out and was long forgotten. In other words, everything he said at that press conference last week was a frigging lie. He doesn’t care about the victims. He doesn’t care about their families. He doesn’t care about solving gun violence in America. He cares about getting out of office without having to hear about a gun-running scandal that plagued his administration in its early days…back when we had a scandal du jour.

Not only is this irresponsible. Not only is this stupid, self-serving, and egotistical, but in true Obama style, it’s just 180 degrees what he ought to be doing. This self-described “most transparent administration in US history” is going to leave open a job that can actually have some positive sway in the battle of gun violence, and isn’t going to do it because they’re afraid of what may come out of Senate confirmation hearings over a scandal that took place 7 years ago. Really?

And can anyone out there (and I REALLY mean it) tell me how this sorry excuse for a breathing mass of humanity isn’t the worst president in US history? Is there any argument that you can make that backs up this decision? Can you honestly tell me that putting the politics of Fast & Furious ahead of seating someone in the top spot at ATF is really transparent?

Every time I feel this little boy president has hit a new low and has made the most stupid, insipid, insane, and condescending decision of any of his predecessors, he goes out of his way to figure out a way to do something more stupid, more insipid and more insane.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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