OK…I’m religious, but I’m not one that can quote chapter and verse. I believe in the Bible, and I believe what it says. I go to a rather conservative church that most people would call evangelical. And it’s with that in mind that I bring you today’s blog. So, you’ve been warned.

Armageddon appears to be coming to the Middle East. Think about this. You’ve got the United States backing down in a fight in Syria against either Bashar al Assad, or the ISIS rebels, your choice. You’ve got the Russian army deciding to go into Syria and back Assad and fight the people that we’ve been training and backing, and oh, yeah…they’re going to hit ISIS too.

Iran has also been involved in this, and they have some skin in the game. They’ve been backing Assad for a long time as well. Now they’re sending in troops to fight his rebels in that civil war, and oh, yeah…they’re going to hit ISIS too.

Now, China wants to get into the game. The most populous nation on the planet is now flexing its muscle to try to get into the game with Russia and Iran and fight on the side of Syria against the US-backed rebels, and oh, yeah…they’ll hit ISIS too.

Seems to me when you have two major super-powers in the region fighting at least a proxy war with the most powerful super-power, you’re going to lay the ground work for at least a world war, wouldn’t you say? And when all three (soon to be four?) of those guys have nuclear weapons, what’s it going to take to escalate this thing into something super-catastrophic? My hunch is not much.

And you’ve got the United States’ commander-in-chief deciding that he doesn’t want to play in this battleground. Because after all, he’s a coward. He would rather throw his hands up and say, “You’re going to get slaughtered going into Syria” and back away from the whole mess, leaving Russia and Iran and China to divvy up the Middle East. Well, that’s fine on one hand until something happens and the US military forces there get dragged into the battle. Don’t think it can’t happen? Think of World War I, which raged on for years before the US got involved. Think World War II which was in full swing when Japan decided to take out Pearl Harbor. Of course, both times, we had presidents that actually had a pair hanging between their legs. This time we don’t. Back then, we had presidents that actually wanted to get into the war, but were looking for an excuse. This time, we’ve got a girly man who doesn’t have courage, lacks leadership, isn’t trustworthy or truthful, and has no stomach for war.

But mark my words…this has the markings of Armageddon all over it. They always said the Middle East is where humanity was born, and it would be where it would end. I’m not saying it’s because of this or not. I’m just  sayin’.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Armageddon?

  1. The Prince of the Power of the Air [Jesus is the Prince of Peace] has confused, befuddled and placed brother against brother.  Religion against religion. Country against country.  My religion or country is better than your religion or country.  The preaching by mostly false religious and political prophets are out for power and control.  This worldly Prince is who keeps the ME in turmoil.  Where men who think they are gods and can shape human history to their selfish ends. This Prince keeps people upset, fighting and paranoid.  Armageddon is not around the corner.  For the Bible tells us all must have knowledge of Jesus before the end time.  Only 2/3 of humanity today know even the name Jesus. And less than 2 billion have knowledge of his Good News message. The end will probably not come in our lifetime.  But the powers of the earthly Father, the father of sin will continue to ply his trade on people without knowledge, in denial of Our Lord or rebellious towards the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  The Prince of the Power of the Air controls all means of communication.  He thrives on uncertainty and is only too happy to continue to wreck havoc on the masses of doubters, nonbelievers or those who profess superficially to believe.  Man does not have the answers. Man never had the answers.  But the arrogance of powerful leaders makes them think they not only have the answers but they control human history. Hogwash.   G.K. Chesterton, said it best: “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” The believing in anything (or anything goes) is what drives those reckless world leaders (powerful politicians and generals) to continue to do more harm than good.  But to believers and nonbelievers the day of reckoning shall come. 

    From: Desert Musings To: Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2015 11:01 AM Subject: [New post] Armageddon? #yiv5455786062 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5455786062 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5455786062 a.yiv5455786062primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5455786062 a.yiv5455786062primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5455786062 a.yiv5455786062primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5455786062 a.yiv5455786062primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5455786062 | desertradio posted: “OK…I’m religious, but I’m not one that can quote chapter and verse. I believe in the Bible, and I believe what it says. I go to a rather conservative church that most people would call evangelical. And it’s with that in mind that I bring you today’s blo” | |

    • While I would be inclined to agree with you on WHEN Armageddon will occur (every generation has felt they were in the end times since the first century!). However, I believe you are referring to Matthew 24:14, ‘And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.’ (and I said I couldn’t quote chapter and verse!!!) when you talked about Armageddon not being around the corner because we must have knowledge of Jesus before the end time. Actually, I think it meant the gospel will be PREACHED in all the world (which has already happened). But better that we DO believe it’s coming than turn a blind eye to the events that are occurring in our world! Thanks for the comment!!

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