Iran Deal Is Illegal

I’m sure it’s a tough job to be president. I’m sure you need an army of people to keep you up to speed on the events of the world. You have to run fast and hard to actually keep pace. But sometimes you slip up and apparently Bobo Obama slipped up when he negotiated the Iran Deal. In essence, he forgot that back in 2012, he closed a loophole in a law that makes it legal in the Iran deal for foreign subsidies of US owned companies to do business in Iran. Oops. The 2012 law, which takes precedence over the “executive agreement” that IS the Iran deal, makes it illegal to do that.

So in terms of the Iran deal, he needs to change it, which could mean that foreign subsidies of US owned companies can still not do business in Iran. Now, he COULD do that. He COULD just change the agreement, but then again, the Iranians may have something to say about that, and John Kerry may have to go to Tehran and meet with the Iranians to hammer this out. Of course, I’m sure Kerry would rather go back to Switzerland. The biking is MUCH better in Bern than it is in Tehran!

The 2012 law also has two lesser-known provisions in it that Obama needs to follow (after all, it IS law). That section says that the closing of the “foreign sub loophole”, as it’s known, will remain in effect until, 1) Iran has been removed from the State Department’s list of Sponsors of Terrorism; and 2) that Iran has ceased the pursuit, acquisition, and development of weapons of mass destruction. Oops. That one may be a little harder to come by!

Of course the State Department and the White House have a different view. They say they have the authority to “re-open the foreign sub loophole” at their discretion. That is going to be something that the courts are going to have to decide…which means that in the meantime, someone is going to have to get a stay to stop foreign subsidies of US owned companies from doing business with Iran until the matter is legally solved.

Basically what all of this means is the president, once again, screwed up. In his rush to obtain some mythical “legacy item” so he can stack some papers in some presidential library in Chicago, he forgot about a law that he himself had signed. A law that specifically prohibits him from doing exactly what he is trying to do with the Iranians. And once again, that pesky thing called law, even law that he himself was a part of, butts its way into his wishes to acquiesce to Iran’s wishes for a nuclear weapon.

And so, once again, it would appear that unless Bobo decides to once again break federal law, that he would have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s ironic isn’t it? This president who told the American people that he was damned determined to have the most “transparent administration in history”, who was going to be a model to his race, just like Martin Luther King, has sunk to the point that he’s been named by many as the worst president to ever hold office. Pretty stunning fall from grace over a 7 year span, wouldn’t you say? I’d say the only one that has had a worse fall over that time is the woman he beat for the nomination in 2008!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    Illegal, but the congress, allowed it to reach a point that we now find ourselves. It gets tiresome to continually call members of congress traitors, but asid from lynching, what can be done when the elected people that work for us, begin to lord it up and treat everyone like peons.

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