Congress’ Best Move

So what do you do when you’re the majority party in Washington, and you’ve got a president that won’t play ball and work with you, but insists on issuing executive orders to do whatever it is he wants to accomplish? There is one simple thing that the GOP led congress can and should do in order to pull Bobo Obama back into line.

You take away his credit card.

Hey…it’s the way I got my wife to curtail bad behavior in the early days of our marriage. In fact, it only had to happen once. After that, the mere threat of taking away the spending power basically was enough to do the trick. Not that I was always into that type of thing. But the deal is simple. If you’re congress, you hold the purse-strings. And you have to realize what it is that is the most damaging to the other side. They want to spend money. They want to re-distribute wealth. And they can’t do either of those things without the congress allowing it to happen.

So, the left has devised a way to try to stop that. Where my wife used to say, “Fine. Take away the credit card, and you’re in charge of doing ALL of the Christmas shopping this year!”, and it worked a couple of times, eventually I told her I would. The GOP needs to look at the blame of a government shutdown coming to them as not their fault. They need to push back. If congress passes a budget that say, defunds Obamacare, or defunds Planned Parenthood, they need to stick to their guns and drive home the point to the American people who yes, we did our job. We passed a budget. It’s not our fault. You are upset the government is shut down? Go talk to your president. He’s the one that is holding things up. For some reason, that just doesn’t happen.

So, what’s congress’ best move for the next 14 months? Simple. Take away Obama’s credit card. Tell him, he gets no relaxation on sequestration. He gets no increase in the debt ceiling because the days of spending like a drunken sailor on leave are over. We are now going to have to be adults and we are going to be fiscally responsible, which means every single department in the Obama Administration gets a 15% cut in spending effective immediately. That means that Obama has to figure out how to make it work. If he doesn’t want to sign it, we’re going to air $100 million in ads all over the country blaming Obama for the shutdown.

And if it doesn’t work? If the GOP is actually blamed for the shutdown? So what? The last time it happened the GOP got the blame, and by election day in 2014, they ended up sweeping the senate races. I don’t think getting blamed for the shutdown hurt them one bit. Maybe at the time it did, but the public has been dumbed-down enough where they don’t remember past yesterday’s news cycle…and the press is always on to the next best thing.

No, take away the spending. Take away the money, and cut every single administration department 15%. If Obama doesn’t want to sign another continuing resolution, then give him the option: sign another CR or take 15% cuts across the board (and of course, increase the military spending!

That’ll teach ’em!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Congress’ Best Move

  1. The republicans were handed a majority yet it seems they don’t want to flex the muscle they were seeking. It is time to let Obama know that he is going to get shut down if he doesn’t change his tune Obama knows the majority the GOP got was because people were tired of him and his traffic jam he has brought on by refusing to work fairly with congress He does not put the nation first and in his mind he believes himself to be above the need to work with republicans knowing full well He has harmed this nation with his refusals to do what is best for We the People I hope to god Someone has the balls to take away the credit card. Great post !

    • Hey, I’m for a shutdown of government. I think the longer it stays closed down, the less money can be spent! However, don’t blame the GOP entirely for not being able to flex their muscle. You can only do so much in the senate when you have less than 60 seats! And you gotta be able to override a veto with 2/3 majority. Those are things the Republicans didn’t foist on themselves. Granted they haven’t been the most forceful, and they are like the president in that they don’t demonstrate too often that they have male members between their legs, but it’s not all their fault!

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