Obama Forced To Walk Back Clinton Email Comment

On his 60 Minutes interview this past Sunday night, the president of the United States told the world that Hillary Clinton’s email server did not pose a national security problem. Oops. That was another possible Bobo lie.

Actually, maybe not a lie to be fair, but let’s call it another “dumb Obama move”? White House lap dog, Josh Earnest had to walk that comment back adding the words, “about what we know so far”. Otherwise, why in God’s name would the FBI be all concerned about it being hacked? And why would others be so concerned?

This is the latest Obama walk-back that gives me pause to think for a minute that Bobo had a talk with Joe Biden since his comments on Sunday’s 60 Minutes broadcast. I’m starting to think that maybe….just maybe…Biden is leaning away from running for president. And if that’s the case, and he’s had that discussion with Bobo, Obama is going easy on Clinton because he knows he is going to have to support her.

The cards are starting to line up in Hillary’s favor, and the debate the other night proved it. Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the pro-Hillary chairman of the DNC, told the male members of that debate not to attack Hillary or they would be considered persona non-grata by the party, and would be “shunned” (are we using Amish punishment now in the Democratic party?). And they basically stuck to that in the debate, letting Hillary have her two-hour long commercial.

If Biden were to get in the race, Obama would most certainly have to keep his big mouth shut on who the Democrats should favor, Hillary or Joe (or Bernie?). And if that were the case, walking back a comment about Hillary’s email server not being a threat to the national security, when he knows as much about that as he does why Russia invaded Syria, begins to take on new meaning. It may very well mean that Biden is thinking of not getting in the race, so it’s ok for Obama to favor Hillary against the rag-tag bunch of JV players that comprise the Democrats’ presidential bench.

My hunch is that it was a semblance that Earnest went to Obama and told him that if they found out the server WAS hacked at some point (which has already been leaked), that Obama would look like the fool. So the walk-back occurred. Of course, Earnest could have used a play from the Democrat’s playbook and just denied that it ever happened, like John Kerry and Bobo saying they were going to walk away from a bad deal with the Iranians. But that was a different story wasn’t it? They didn’t think we would remember something that happened like six months ago.

No, Bobo is treading lightly on issues dealing with potential Democratic candidates for his job. He knows damn well that if the Democrats lose the White House, his legacy is pretty much up in smoke. He loses the Iranian Deal, he loses all of the executive orders, and if the GOP controls congress and the White House, he loses Obamacare. That means he loses his entire presidency. And the Dems would end up losing the Supreme Court for the next generation because there are going to be three possibly four justices retiring in the next four years. One (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) may actually die in office…no… actually die in THE office.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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