Why Hillary Could Be Heading To Prison

We’ve joked about it before…Hillary Clinton in an orange pantsuit. But actually, it may happen. There’s an inside the FBI source, who’s close to the email scandal investigation that has leaked to Fox News a little-known detail…Hillary Clinton IS the subject of a criminal investigation. And it could very well be the end of her.

Under the Espionage Act, Under 18 USC 793 subsection F, there is this little thing called “gross misconduct”. It basically says that if you have clearance to see classified and sensitive documents, and you don’t protect those documents from getting into the wrong hands, you can be looking at problems. There’s also a subsection that says if you don’t report any loss or theft of any of that information, including by the way the destruction of that information to your superior, you could be fined, or imprisoned for up to 10 years, or both.

According to Fox News, the FBI is also looking at possible Obstruction Of Justice charges against Clinton. That basically is where you know an investigation is going on and you do anything to impede that investigation from moving forward (like erasing emails from a server), you can be charged with Obstruction Of Justice…and that can also land you in a federal penitentiary. Hillary, by the way, has had over 400 classified emails found on her server, and we know that there are several classified emails that the FBI has recovered from the server that had been previously erased and thought to be destroyed.

One of Hillary’s main excuses for having the 400 classified emails on her server was that she didn’t know they were classified because they weren’t marked as such. But according to an attorney that should know…that doesn’t hold any water. As someone that’s been cleared to view classified material, you’re well-schooled in what is and what isn’t deemed classified. You don’t need to have any “markings” on the email. Hillary knows that…she’s just using that as an excuse for the “dumbed down public” who doesn’t know any better. I personally think Hillary knows she’s in a world of hurt and knows this isn’t going to turn out pretty unless Obama comes to her rescue, and that would ruin his legacy, just as pardoning Richard Nixon ruined Gerald Ford’s.

But then again, we ARE talking about Hillary Clinton. And the one thing we’ve known about this particular administration is that they don’t prosecute their own. However, if the FBI investigation goes another 13 months or so, they can come down with an indictment…they can come down with something to screw the pooch if Hillary is nominated, and take six months to a year for the NEW Justice Department (with a Republican Attorney General) to actually file the charges and bring the case to court. I wouldn’t expect Hillary to go to jail. I would love it, but I’m not expecting it. I would settle for her being politically ruined.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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