Putin Has Become The World’s New FDR

I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt did a lot of damage to this country, but I also think he prosecuted World War II with amazing aplomb. His fireside chats were legendary, even though his getting us out of the Great Depression cost us trillions upon trillions of dollars that quite frankly, we can’t afford to be spending anymore.

But at least he did do some good for this country. And he did do some good for the world. I know the liberals feel he’s the supreme leader of all things left-wing. After all, almost every social program ever created was done so under his watch (other than the civil rights stuff, which Johnson did). Even Obamacare has roots in FDR’s time.

So, how is it, with such a liberal and FDR-loving president in the White House now, would he let a Russian communist “out-FDR” him? By kowtowing to the whims of Vladimir Putin in the Middle East, because of his dislike for war and disagreements…because of his wanting the world to like him (which I think speaks volumes of his own personal weaknesses), Bobo Obama has basically turned the mantle of the 21st century FDR over to Putin.

And now Vladimir Putin has basically taken over the world’s foreign policy. He already claimed the title of “World’s most powerful leader” in surveys held about a year ago. And poor little Bobo…the little boy who always needed everyone’s help to accomplish everything in his life, sits idly by and watches from the sidelines. Obama is content to try to tell the world that Putin will fail in his attempts to push back the Syrian rebels, and ISIS (as if Putin gives a rat’s ass about ISIS!). Obama, who never really tried to do anything at all in foreign policy, other than capitulate to Iran’s wishes of a nuclear weapon, is content to sit on the sidelines and cry like the little boy who never got into the neighborhood football game because he was too small.

And it’s because of that cowardly attitude, that inability to stand up for what America believes in, because Obama doesn’t believe in it, that has led to this crisis.

And what’s it going to lead to? Ask Nevil Chamberlin. Do you remember when Chamberlin signed an agreement with Adolf Hitler giving him parts of Czechoslovakia. Chamberlin believed that by doing so, Hitler would be appeased and would stop picking on Europe. What it did in actuality was embolden the Nazi leader to keep going. Obama is making the same mistake. By allowing Russia (and Iran, and Iraq) into Syria without a fight, Bobo is allowing the Middle East to become the new Soviet Union. Because if he thinks Putin is going to be satisfied with propping up his dictator in Syria and will stop there, Obama is as stupid as Chamberlin was.

The Obama Doctrine in the Middle East is fraught with pitfalls and problems. It’s a rat’s nest waiting to be tackled. And either Obama is too stupid to see it, or too blind. Personally, I think he’s still the little boy on the sidelines wanting to get into the game, but afraid if he does, he’s going to get hurt.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Try to put Obama and Putin aside for a moment.  About a year ago you had your list from the best to to the worse presidents.  In your piece.  You did not rate FDR towards the top. Below you continue downplaying FDR accomplishments.  Here is what you need to get into your head. The three greatest presidents (Wash, Lin, and FDR) were the three presidents that saved our nation during Wars of Necessity (for national survival). (All of the other wars were BS wars of choice).  The Amer Revolutionary War, the U.S. Civ War and WW II.  These three most distinguished presidents of all time also produced the three greatest generals in Amer history.  Wash-Wash. Lin-Grant and FDR-First 5-Star Gen. of the Army, George C. Marshall who won WW II according to no less a figure than Churchill.  These presidents and their generals knew how to win.

    Part of why you are able to express your opinion today is because four times elected by We the People FDR took us out of the Great Depression and towards the last victory U.S. forces had in WW II.  You can go to Wikipedia and compare FDR’s resume with any three of your favorite presidents.  FDR may have accomplished more than any or all.  Certainly if you compare FDR to Bush Senior, Bubba, Junior Bush and Obama.  FDR’s record is much more stellar. 

    All of the other 72 wars we fought were wars of choice and especially since the conclusion of WW II. Unless you want to take credit for our great victories in Panama and Haiti.  The two biggest failures at wars have been one Republican Junior Bush (at over $2 trillion dollars and counting) and one Democrat, Obama. Both these presidents were incompetent and incoherent as commanders-in-chief. Obama is no less competent than Junior Bush. Incidentally, The Iraq War has been going on for the past 25 years into version #4 with ISIS. The Iraq War(s) is the second longest foreign war. The longest for over 100 years is the Second Philippine War (Moor War) that we never won. As a matter of fact it was Douglas MacArthur’s father, Arthur a 4-star general who was in charge there and said “Mission Accomplished” in the Philippines 100 years before Junior Bush made the same ridiculous Mission Accomplished statement on the deck of USS Abe Lincoln.  Now people with your thinking are advertising the Afghanistan War as the longest war in history.  Not so. The Afghanistan war is in year 14.

    No other presidents deserve more credit for having kept us free than Washington, Lincoln and FDR.  The other president and their generals were pretenders. Cowards lacking in leadership and fat pencil pushing generals only concerned with their self-promotions.  And it was not just Democrat presidents that were punks. So was Reagan.  What did he do when 241 marines and nearly 900 French were slaughtered in Beirut in 1983?  In 1993, What did Bubba do when 19 Army Rangers were killed in Mogadishu and four military police that no one ever heard about?     From: Desert Musings To: ale_bee@yahoo.com Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2015 11:05 AM Subject: [New post] Putin Has Become The World’s New FDR #yiv4510643744 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4510643744 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4510643744 a.yiv4510643744primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4510643744 a.yiv4510643744primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4510643744 a.yiv4510643744primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4510643744 a.yiv4510643744primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4510643744 WordPress.com | desertradio posted: “I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt did a lot of damage to this country, but I also think he prosecuted World War II with amazing aplomb. His fireside chats were legendary, even though his getting us out of the Great Depression cost us trillions upon trilli” | |

    • Well, without getting into a lengthy disertation as to why FDR deserves to rate at the bottom, let me say a couple of things…first of all, FDR was itching to get into WWII and was waiting for the attack on Pearl Harbor for a reason to do so. Remember, it was WWII that pulled the US out of the Great Depression…MUCH more so than the “social” programs FDR initiated. Second, FDR didn’t end the war, Truman did. And we are still feeling the ill effects of FDR today with bloated debt thanks to Social Security, and the phalanx of programs he developed which have almost bankrupt us. No…FDR WAS an activist president, no doubt about that…but we will have to agree to disagree as to his ability to do well by our nation (and follow the constitution). If you don’t like the way Obama thwarts the law and works around congress, you can thank FDR. He is the one that perfected it!

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