House Wins Key Provision of Obamacare Lawsuit

I bet you didn’t even know this was happening, did you? The House of Representatives, in its effort to thwart Obamacare any way they can, sued HHS Secretary, Sylvia Burwell. And they won a rather large procedural step in federal court yesterday. US District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer decided not to allow the government an immediate appeal in House of Representatives v. Burwell.

The government had sought the appeal because of its precedent setting provision that allows one house of congress has been able to use the judiciary to block a third branch of the government (the executive branch) from doing what it wanted to do. The case stems from the use of subsidies for the poor in Obamacare premium payments that the House maintains were illegal because they never approved payments of that type, and only congress can appropriate money.

Collyer’s decision not to allow an appeal was considered to be the largest hurdle that the GOP led House had in its fight against Obamacare. With that decision out-of-the-way, the court case can proceed, much to the chagrin of Bobo Obama and his ilk.

Actually, it makes pretty good sense when you think about it. And even though Bobo is upset because he says it violates the checks and balances of powers, it does allow congress the ability to reign in the free-spending Obamacare plan and get it back in the congress for approval, where it belongs.

In essence, what is going on is that congress approves money to be spent. That’s what they are charged to do in the constitution. And with Obamacare, that law has given that part of congress’ duty to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to oversee. Congress never has approved the payment of subsidies to the millions of people who have signed up for the insurance program on the exchanges. And there are literally billions of dollars that are being spent on the program that congress has not specifically approved.

Now, you know as well as I do that this is going to be fast-tracked tot he Supreme Court, and John Roberts is once again, going to be given the opportunity to shoot down Obamacare. I don’t know what his problem has been in the past, but the Chief Justice has had a problem with reason when it comes to this program. He can’t see the forest for the trees. I mean, declaring Obamacare a tax, as was originally done by the court when the fight was penalizing people who didn’t buy insurance, was the stretch of the century. And to follow that with his most recent backing of Obamacare tends to make one think Obama may have blackmailed him somewhere along the way!

Here’s the problem with Obamacare going forward. It’s going to run out of money on its own. The administration has admitted they are going to fall well short of the 16 million enrollees this next year. In fact, they may not even get to 10 million. That means that there will be a shortfall in the amount of money generated. That also means that there is going to have to be substantial payments made to cover that shortfall. And you’ve got a GOP-led congress that won’t approve such payments. It will be interesting to see what happens with this thing going forward.

In the end, the GOP may not need to win the White House and control congress to ruin Obamacare. It may end up like every other liberal social program to come down the pike since time began…it’s too expensive and at some point, they run out of “other people’s money”.

Carry on world… you’re dismissed!