GOP Is Not The Only Party In Turmoil

To listen to the talking heads and the pundits in Washington tell it, you’d think the Grand Old Party is on the brink of collapse. It’s leadership decimated by a single comment made by the second in command in the lower body of congress. Wow! Is that all it takes to bring down one of two of the most powerful political organizations in the world? Of course not. The GOP will eventually work their way through the problem of Kevin McCarthy and the Benghazi Select Committee. But just to be fair, they aren’t the only party being driven apart by stupid things.

The Democrats are also just as stupid.

Little Debbie Wasserman Schultz had a meeting this past summer with a few of the “powerful” women of the left. Their goal was simple: make it easy for Hillary Clinton to get the Democrat nomination for president. They wanted to clear that path so she could obtain her goal of being the first female president in US history. Of course, they had no idea that there would be this many roadblocks in front of them.

The first roadblock was Hillary herself. She’s a really bad candidate, and a terrible actress. She wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn’t have the temperament to be a politician. Oh, she can smile and wave…but that’s about it. Oh yeah…the scandals. I forgot entirely about the scandals that she’s got going on. And the lying. She has this aversion to telling the truth about things. Kinda like, “If you like your doctor…”? You get the gist, right?

Then you’ve got the other couple of bumps in the road. Who knew for instance, that Bernie Sanders and his socialist leanings would catch fire with the left as much as Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina and their lack of experience would catch on with the right? In this rather topsy-turvy year when experience doesn’t matter, and being left means knocking on the door of communism, Little Debbie and her cabal didn’t plan on that.

The other thing they didn’t plan on was Joe Biden. They figured the doddering old vice president would be happy to smile, and wave and leave the Naval Observatory in 2017 and retire back to Delaware. Oops. They were wrong. Seems Ol’ Joe has a few things left on his bucket list before he calls it a career. And that could derail Hillary.

And then you’ve got the FBI. Yeah, that can go under the category of “scandals”, but they are kind of pissed off at Bobo Obama and his 60 Minutes interview when he said that there wasn’t anything in Hillary’s emails that would endanger national security. They’re in the midst of their investigation, and they really don’t take kindly to a president, much less a bumbling feckless president, telling the world the outcome of their investigation before they’re done investigating. They’re funny that way.

So the Dems are in a roil because Little Debbie set up this easy path to Washington for Hillary. And by limiting the debating season to six (there were 19 debates in 2008), she’s figuring that Hillary will escape unharmed. She is probably right… but Bernie Sanders’ supporters, and there are a lot of them, are pissed as hell. And Little Debbie has her mammary glands in a wringer over that one. She’s adamant that she won’t add more to the schedule…that six are enough to get rid of the three stooges, and given Bernie his say before crowning Hillary the nominee.

In the end, Little Debbie is going to find something out that she apparently hasn’t learned by watching the Clintons for the past 25 years…when you side with the Clintons, they use you until you are no longer any good for them. Then you are thrown, rather unceremoniously, under the nearest bus. Don’t look for Little Debbie to be the DNC chair after this thing is over if Hillary takes it on the chin in the general election. She’ll be yesterday’s toast.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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