Paul Ryan IN As Speaker Candidate

It took a solid week of arm twisting, and probably a promise or two to take the kids to Disneyworld every year, but Paul Ryan has decided that he could be a candidate for Speaker of the House of Representatives. He is expected to have wide support among both parties.

Of course all of this started when the current Speaker, John Boehner, decided he’d had enough of Washington politics and quit not only the Speaker’s post, but also resigned his seat effective at the end of the month. He reiterated that he’d be gone by Halloween to Brett Baier on Special Report on Fox News yesterday.

Kevin McCarthy, the current Majority Leader of the House, was a shoo-in to take Boehner’s place until he went on Sean Hannity’s show, also on Fox News Channel, and espoused to the world that the Benghazi Select Committee, headed by Trey Gowdy, had hurt Hillary Clinton and that her poll numbers have been falling as a result of the investigation into her time as Secretary of State. Oops. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot and giving more ammo to your rivals!

Of course, Hillary jumped on that as proof that the Benghazi Select Committee is nothing more than a hack-GOP-led witch hunt (well, at least she got the “witch” part right!), and that it’s all politicized. That energized her during the Democrat debate, and has boosted her a little bit in the polls in her fight to win the Dem’s nomination. Gowdy has maintained throughout that the Benghazi Select Committee hasn’t been politicizing anything and that they’ve been looking into Benghazi. While looking into that fateful day in Libya, they uncovered the email scandal which is now being investigated by the FBI.

After McCarthy dropped out of the race for speaker, the sprint was on to get someone who could re-unite the Republican party to take the job. Paul Ryan has a lot of friends on both sides of the aisle, and has been touted by the House Freedom Caucus as someone they could get behind, and by someone as out of touch with reality as Harry Reid, minority leader in the senate.

The question was always, would Ryan want the job? He has a family in Janesville, Wisconsin and commutes back and forth to DC from there so he can spend time with his kids. Apparently, he convinced his wife it wouldn’t be that big of a deal and got the familial approval to proceed.

The vote could take place as early as Thursday.

If Ryan wins the speakership, he will have a lot of fence mending to make up in a short time. There are a ton of major issues that need to be solved and soon, chief among them, what to do with the debt ceiling. He’ll need to come up with 218 votes on that issue by November 7th, when the government is supposed to hit the current ceiling.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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