Joe’s A NO-GO…Hillary’s All Smiles…

Saying that he was afraid the “window had closed” while he and his family were grieving over the loss of their son and brother, Joe Biden on Wednesday announced to the world that he had decided NOT to run for president. In essence, this is probably the worst news the Democrats could have heard. Oh, they don’t know it yet, because it makes Hillary Clinton the nominee, and to a lot of Dems, that’s what they were hoping for. But in the end, it’s going to be a catastrophe for them.

Joe did leave a little wiggle room should Hillary get eaten alive today at her Benghazi Select Committee testimony, or if the FBI decides to ask the Justice Department to hand down an indictment on her for violation of the Espionage Act. Either of the two things could happen.

Or, if somewhere up the road, as is usually the case with the Clintons, there is some damning evidence that pops up that no one saw coming (like a stained, blue dress?). Well, that may be ok for Joe to then be “pulled” into the race before the convention.

What has happened in the last couple of weeks is that Hillary Clinton has solidified the nomination without one single person in Iowa caucusing, or one single person in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire voting for her. She has swept into the nomination simply by fiat. When Bernie Sanders told the world that “we are sick of hearing about your damned emails”, he basically gave her his concession speech. Biden did the same thing yesterday. That means that either Marty “I’m running for president too” O’Malley, or Lincoln “I’m more liberal than you” Chafee had better start raising a LOT more money quickly and catch fire. Other than that, there isn’t going to be anybody to unseat the Arkansas princess. Not that it wasn’t planned out that way to begin with…just like Little Debbie Wasserman-Schultz wanted it.

Let’s just hope that Hillary enjoys her time in the spotlight. Somehow I have this unnerving feeling that whomever the GOP finally decides will be their standard-bearer, and by the way, a majority of people now believe it very well COULD be Donald Trump, they are not going to go lightly on thumping Clinton. If it is Trump, can you imagine what a debate with her is going to look like? He is going to eat her for breakfast and have her spit out before 10am!

No, Hillary doesn’t have a clear path to the White House, even if Donald Trump is the nominee. If it’s Ben Carson, I think Hillary should probably go back to being a grandmother because I can’t see her even coming close. She has no record to run on, so she’ll be just as inexperienced as Carson or Trump as far as accomplishments…except she hasn’t built a $10 billion real estate empire, nor has she separated Siamese twins’ brains in the womb as Carson has done. But that’s ok… they haven’t killed four people half a world away, and gotten away with it either.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Joe’s A NO-GO…Hillary’s All Smiles…

  1. Testimony from the accused is not what convicts…….everyone knows a guilty accused LIES. Its the evidence that will destroy her, as long as it is brought out, and the case is taken. The emails…….and the recorded comments she made, stupidly. She is dumber than Nixon. I never understood why anyone made incriminating statements when they knew the recorder is running, then deny saying anything. We elect these people. If I am going to share info with you I don’t want anyone else to hear…….we’re having that conversation in the woods, and you have been debugged.

    • Don’t pull it past her…she’s definitely NOT stupid. Conniving? Yup. Parsing of words? Of course. Lying? Absolutely! Law breaking? Sure. Stupid? Nope. And you’re right…it’s the evidence…so answer me this Batman…why was Lois Lerner allowed to walk when there was a mountain of evidence on her???

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