Carson Makes A Move In Iowa

I’ve always liked Ben Carson…but then who wouldn’t? He’s the most likeable of any of the candidates on either side. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s good at conversation, and he doesn’t unnecessarily bash people like the other “non-politician” running. Now, it looks like Carson may be making his move…at least in Iowa.

Carson overtook Donald Trump in two polls yesterday, and of course the media hasn’t really exploited that. The big news is that Trump threw a temper-tantrum over the whole thing. He blew up saying that the polls were wrong “because the people of Iowa love me”. Huh? Yup. And that Ben Carson has “super-low energy, and what we need is super-high energy”. Oh, yeah… for the first time in the race, he said that the polls in question…Quinnipiac and Ann J. Selzer, don’t like him…that’s why they show him slipping to second place.

I’ve felt all along that Ben Carson makes the better Republican candidate. He’s conservative, he’s quietly effective, he’s likeable, and he’s going to be very dangerous when it comes to a general election campaign if indeed he can maintain a lead in Iowa and build on it. If Trump is right, and the polls are wrong and he’s going to win it all, then Trump will be bombastic and criticize anyone that doesn’t agree with him. That’s been his modus operandi from the get-go, and there’s no reason to believe it would change.

That’s the problem I have with Donald Trump. Politics is give and take. Donald Trump is my way or the highway. Is he really any better for the country than what we have now? Isn’t Obama just a liberalized version of Trump? I mean, can you imagine The Donald actually lobbying and working with Congress, and then having to cave on issues because the votes aren’t there? Or is it more likely that he’ll cry about it to the media (the ones that “treat him fairly”).

Carson seems much more “presidential” and certainly much more mature. Trump reminds me of the two-year old that wants candy just before dinner. I also believe that Carson’s electability in the general election will be greater. Now that we know Hillary has pretty much wrapped up the Democratic nomination (has Little Debbie cancelled the remaining five debates yet?), we need someone more likeable than her to win the election. I don’t think it’s Trump…I DO think it’s Carson at this point.

If Carson is able to maintain a lead in Iowa, and take the lead elsewhere, he would be wise when it comes time in about 8 months to choose a running mate to look at someone who has the experience of working in congress. Someone that could also get him votes in tough states, like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin because he’s going to need them. I think Carson would be well served by choosing Marco Rubio as his running mate. He’s got the foreign policy experience, he understands congress, and can work effectively to school a “non-politician type”.

For Trump…this could be the beginning of the end. I hope not, because the more Trump is out there, the more people flock to the GOP side to hear them. There were 24 million people watching the first GOP debate. There were 13 million watching the Democrat’s first debate. You tell me which is more exciting…and that was with CNN putting on a game show atmosphere for the Democrats.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


12 thoughts on “Carson Makes A Move In Iowa

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  2. Dr. Ben has tremendous potential.  He is the most independent in either party. The traditional left won’t vote for him because, unlike barry, he is not a liberal. The right may not vote for him because they might feel we already had one black president and look at what happened.  Never mind that Dr. Ben is not like barry.  Let’s see if Trump starts to faulty if he throws his money behind Carson.

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  3. I’m really not enthralled by any candidate, yet. Carson is one of the better ones, but he has plenty of reasons to withhold support. None of the Democrats have impressed, but the Republican field isn’t anything but the other side of the same coin.

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