Another, “See, I Told You So!” Moment

First of all, I don’t like to brag about it, especially when the security of the United States is at stake. But I mean, a second-grader failing English could have told you that the deal with Iran was a bad deal and that the United States should walk away, right? I mean, this wasn’t some 90 foot putt on Sunday to win The Masters. It was more like a 3 foot gimmie for a triple bogie.

But I gotta tell my Democrat friends, who swore that Obama was right, and that if we just gave Iran a chance to get back into the good graces of the world community, they’d fall in line….that they’re really good people, just misunderstood because of years and years of hatred between our two countries.

Well, yeah…there’s that thought. But then there’s reality, and it seems THAT is what is biting the Democrats on Capitol Hill in the ass these days.

It’s been about two weeks since Iran test-launched an intercontinental missile that has the capability of reaching the United States. Gee, Bobo…where did that come from? You mean our “friends” want to be able to send one of their newly acquired nukes our way? I thought after you’d have been president for seven years the whole world would love us. Isn’t that what you told us eight years ago when you were running for office?

Democrats are starting to worry that they gave permission to allow this deal to pass and are now having buyers’ remorse. They see the launch, like most sane Americans do, as a warning sign that they were dead wrong on their backing the deal. And they know, even with “snap-back” provisions, there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. Because the White House is dead set against “snap-back” sanctions.

Now, the White House will counter that the test launch didn’t violate the new Iran Nuclear Deal because it didn’t include a nuclear weapon (they don’t have one YET, remember?). So, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight…the gang that came up with “if it’s a bad deal, we’re going to walk away”, still today won’t admit it’s a bad deal. Instead, rather than say that it’s a bad deal, they’re content with, “If you don’t do the deal, the alternative is war, and we don’t want war!”

Let’s be clear about something here. First and foremost, if you believe that last sentence, you’re saying you believe all of the things Iran is saying about us…because they’ve threatened war with “The Great Satan” for 35 years. And IF you believe that statement, and it’s not just Iranian desert hot air rising out of the Middle East, then you also should have believed the chants of “Death To America” that their leaders where shouting DURING the talks (you know…the ones you said were done for internal consumption and we shouldn’t worry about it!).

Bobo Obama wanted a legacy item. He got one. This one is on him, and it’s on John Kerry. They lied through their teeth to the American people telling us not to worry, when all they really wanted to do was punt the football down the road to the next president. By the Bobo will be playing golf in Hawaii, and Kerry will be bicycling the streets of Boston. They won’t care…until one of those Iranian nukes hits Pearl Harbor and wipes Honolulu off the map…or hits Fenway Park, and John Kerry gets a permanent case of bed-head. Then they won’t have anything to worry about anymore!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!