Budget Deal Doesn’t Win The Day

The House of Representatives passed the “budget deal” worked out by John “Short-Timer” Boehner and Barack “Call me Bobo” Obama yesterday. However over 160 Republicans did not vote for the bill…the Democrats saved the day for Boehner.

The Senate is supposed to vote on the bill on Friday, but that’s going to be interesting because both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul will be back from presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado and both and indicated they will filibuster the bill.

Here’s the long and short of this thing. Boehner wanted to “clean the barn” as he put it for Paul Ryan, to give him a clean start. What he ended up doing was shoveling out a pile of horse shit on the American people. Granted, Bobo didn’t get everything he wanted, and Boehner didn’t get much of what he wanted. But we got the mountain of shit thrown in our face.

Don’t believe me? If you’re on Medicare, wait until you see your premiums next year. And don’t think for a minute that it’s just an $85 billion balloon that got added to the current “sequestered” budget. Much more than that. In fact, the military will end up getting less money than they originally would have got because the rate of growth would have given them more. As far as social spending is concerned, some people got wins, most didn’t. Farmers are going to take it on the chin next year with agriculture subsidies getting whacked…so you can probably expect your food bills to go up.

Look, budgets bore people. I know. They are long, drawn-out, legalistic documents that frankly are just numbers and numbers, and who the hell likes to read numbers. Even CPA’s that I know have a hard time making heads or tails of a federal budget because there are so many different categories. But the matter of fact here is that these numbers reflect a lot. Obama has increased spending by $8 trillion dollars since he took office. He basically has doubled our federal debt in seven years. Think of that. We go from 1776 to 2007 and amass a debt of roughly $10 trillion dollars. In case you’re lousy at math, that’s 231 years. He adds 80% of that to in 7 years. And then he has the guts to complain that we’re not spending enough money? Dude, you’ve done a good job of spending money…THAT should be your legacy!

I know what Boehner was doing, and you probably do too. Everything was set up for the next president. Boehner is banking on the fact that the likelihood is there will be a Republican president, and a Republican controlled congress…at least for the first two years. That means they can whack the budget, whack the federal debt, and spend two years trying to undo all the crap Obama got us into. Foreign policy wise, that will take a little longer, but a sharp president should be able to undo the executive orders and Obamacare relatively quickly.

Now if the electorate will just play ball and elect the right person, we’ll be all set!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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