While You Slept Last Night…

If you believe that John Boehner really had the best interest of the country at heart when he struck he deal with Bobo Obama, you probably are happy this morning. If you are like a lot of people and thought he was shoveling the shit out of the barn, just to get the barn cleaned so he could pack up his bag and head back to Cincinnati, then you probably wish you were still in bed.

As you slept last night, Mitch McConnell and the leadership in the Senate got everybody back together in the dead of night to pass the “deal” that Boehner, McConnell, Reid and Pelosi all hammered out with Bobo. The vote was 64-35. Oh, and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz’ filibuster? Yeah…they did it. It lasted all of 20 minutes. I guess they really wanted to go to bed after that debate and a red eye back to DC.

The good news is, you’re not going to have to deal with a government shutdown in the next 17 months. You’re not going to have to worry about the United States defaulting on its debt. Of course, your grandchildren may have to worry about their economy, as the liberals out there do what they do best…spend money. As the Washington Times reported, the 144 page bill spends about $558 million per page. Yeah…that’s a lot of dough.

Here’s my take on this: IF you’re going to tell me that the GOP is going to be able to hold the line on spending after the next 17 months, and IF they are going to finally get serious about the issues that effect Americans…about debt, about a runaway government, about immigration that is broken, about corruption in politics, about an economy that’s slower than an 80 year old running a marathon, about jobs and getting people back to work by giving the private sector the tools it needs without buying your way to a decent economy, about re-writing the tax code to something that doesn’t involve the IRS, about holding those responsible that have been involved in the myriad of scandals in DC…IF you are going to tell me that beginning in March, 2017, all of that is going to take place, and we just have to get from here to there…IF that’s what you’re telling me…OK. I’m on board.

IF you’re going to tell me that you just kicked the can down the road 17 months so you didn’t have to deal with those problems, and that someone else is going to have to worry about all of the domestic issues I just mentioned as well as fighting al Qaeda and ISIS and actually doing something to defeat them, rather than keep the military busy, get the hell out, because there is a bulldozer that’s on its way to DC to clean up the stench, and you’re part of it.

We don’t need middle-of-the-night deals. We had enough of that with Obamacare. How’d that work out? We don’t need crap. We need leaders and we need solutions. And if the politicians in Washington aren’t leaders, but just people looking to suck the teat of the American public, they need to realize we don’t need them, and we’re going to bulldoze them.

I think my blood pressure is nearing 200/100 and I need to call 911. In the meantime…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “While You Slept Last Night…

  1. Gonna have to bulldoze it down. Nothing is going to change, until Americans get off their tired, dead asses, and do something to knock govt. down a few notches, like getting rid of all the dead weight, quit paying ex-senators, and ex- congressmen, and ex this and ex that. They are sucking the life blood out of this country. Why the hell do we continue paying someone who was a senator, congressman, representative who served a few terms, long after the no longer serve? How much taxes do those people pay? And hell, why do people keep on electing these same assholes that never vote the way “We the People” want them to vote? That is plain stupid. “Well he didn’t vote the way I wanted, so lets elect him again and see if he does better”? WTF?
    Get rid of their asses, we are so over governmented now, we all may as well become part of the government.
    And what about the government working for the people? Where did that go? Leaders? The Americans people are supposed to be the decisionmakers, we are supposed to be leaders, leading the govt. down a path that keeps out rights in check.
    Another thing, the next time I hear someone dissing common law versus this bullshit statutory law, where someone has decided that everything that expresses freedom is illegal, I am going to croak!
    Damnit people wake the hell up!
    When was the last time any one has read the recent court cases? When was the last time you heard a man in jail talking about being raped, and no one does anything? This country has gone to hell! Right to hell. Prisons are owned by corporations, unless you are a big corporation, don’t even try to protect your property and your rights in a court of law. Ha! Only the corporations, with their $1000 an hour asshole attorneys are going to win, no matter how good your case is. There is supposed to be a right to represent yourself in Court. How many of yall have tried that lately? Ever since the balck robed mafia ruled on Twombley, your right to represent yourself in federal court, damn near turned to impossible.
    And since when does Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get away with treating an 84 year old lady, losing her home because of switching loans without her knowledge and Notary, whose commission expired back in 1984, and so on, and on, and on. What the hell has happened to people that this kind of shit goes unnoticed, while that little old lady is desperately fighting in the United States District Court in Colorado, while Freddie Mac continually says, that nothing she brings up matters, that they own the house now. What happens to 84 year old women who have no family, and no where to go?
    Naw, this country should be ashamed of itself, each and every person should be ashamed, for letting things get to where they are today. The Attorney General in Colorado told me to have that woman call AARP. AARP said that the lady is not a member, and they only worry about their members. I have contacted numerous entities, and NO One gives a shit.

    There is nothing that anyone in this country can do right now, that will make me feel better about the people that live in this once great country. Everyone is dispicable, zombies! Yea, now I get all the zombie movies. At first I found it curious, why everything was zombies nowadays. I get it now, that is what we all are. zombies….

    Sorry Arlin, I needed that!

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