Obama’s Legacy: Rust???

Will this “peacemaker” president…the guy that swore he is the guy to “end all wars” and bring peace to the world, end up being the guy that leaves office with more wars being prosecuted by this country than when he started? It really looks that way.

Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown, and former leader of the free world (a title given up a year ago to Vladimir Putin), is back-tracking as fast as he can on his promises to get out of Iraq, to get out of Afghanistan, and to bring peace to the world, and respect to America. It ain’t happening.

His problem is the same problem 20th century Democrats had. They don’t like war (not that anyone really does), so they prosecute it in the least smelly way possible. Slowly, with a drip, drip, drip of troops. Let’s compare something shall we?

The Obama administration has announced sending troops into Syria. Oh, it’s only 50 troops, they say. And it’s only in an advisory capacity. But being trapped with the 5,000 troops they sent BACK into Iraq, that were not going to be getting into a “combat position”, these guys WILL see combat…they just won’t be there to prosecute the war. Compare that strategy with the strategy used by George HW Bush in the first Gulf War…you know, the one that lasted 100 hours?

In the first Gulf War, Bush took his time, amassed over 560,000 troops in Saudi Arabia, and then kicked Iraq’s ass out of Kuwait. He then kicked their ass all the way back to Baghdad. It took less time than it takes to take a Caribbean cruise. It did take him six months to amass that number of troops in the region. But when they were ready, they had objectives and goals and they accomplished them. They showed America’s might. And did so with few casualties.

Now, look at the way George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have prosecuted the wars in the Middle East. I have to include Bush in that one because he started the mess after 9/11. And he did warn us that is would take a long time. But he didn’t do it daddy’s way…he didn’t send nearly that many troops. And it took a lot longer. Obama was the worst offender though. Sending in troops 50 or 500 at a time is a death warrant. You have to over-power your enemy. You can’t do it with advisors, and you can’t do it with people who actually feel closer to your enemy than you!

Obama’s strategy is the same strategy Lyndon Johnson used in Vietnam. Micromanaging a war with no prior military experience, and doing it badly. Hopefully, the Republicans get put someone in the White House in 2016 that actually knows how to prosecute a war correctly, and knows that in order to win any war any where, you need a superior force. That means you go in with one strategy. You fight until you’ve killed the opposition. And with a group like ISIS, you don’t allow surrender. Because all they’ll do is re-group, re-train, and come back at you again. Haven’t we seen that when we release the prisoners from Gitmo (another Obama failure)? 30% of those prisoners have rejoined the fight. And you’re never going to win, letting your enemy back onto the battlefield. That only works in checkers…and it doesn’t work that well there either!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Legacy: Rust???

  1. None of the remaining candidates for president are veterans.  LBJ and Nixon were both naval officers.  You are wrong.  O is not the world’s second most famous clown.  Bozo the Clown was a TV character.  O is the genuine article.

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    • Ah, but if you talked to Larry Harmon (the original Bozo), he was Bozo even decades after his show ended!!! I will keep Bobo as the world’s second most famous clown…I won’t tarnish Larry’s memory!!!

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