Time For Bush To Leave

I have never been a fan of Jeb Bush. I have never considered supporting him. Oh, I guess I would hold my nose and pull the lever if, as the experts back in March had suggested, it’d be Hillary vs. Jeb. But other than that, nope. Reason is simple: I don’t believe in dynasties. Not with the name Clinton, not with the name Bush.

And so, I’m not sad today, when I see that Bush is all atwitter because his campaign seems to be bleeding green (money), and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to stop it. I’m not the least bit sad that it looks like he’s lost his way, and doesn’t know how to solve the problem. I’d much rather find that out now than have to wait until next year at this time when he’s the nominee to learn he can’t handle it.

No, its time for Jeb Bush to leave the presidential campaign.

Everything he’s tried to get his ship righted has failed. It’s taking on water, it’s polluting the ocean spilling oil everywhere, and it’s not getting any better. Yes, he’s got enough money to take it to the convention, but so what? It’s obvious at this point, a whopping seven months into the campaign, that the public don’t want him. He’s been terrible in debates, he’s been lacking energy, as Trump has pointed out, on the campaign trail, and besides, he himself says he’s got a lot better things to do than run for president. If that’s the case, Jeb…please find the exit quickly and put us out of the misery of having to watch you.

There are a lot of candidates like that, I know. The Pataki’s and Santorum’s and Graham’s and Jindal’s of the world need to realize that they aren’t even going to get to the varsity team debate, much less win the nomination. Why they’re still in it is beyond my ability to comprehend. I mean, ok, if you’re John Kasich, and you think by spouting off how great you’ve been for Ohio, that you can pick up support, that’s fine, but it’s not going to happen for him either. Same for Mike Huckabee.

It’s time to clear the stage. Chris Christie, though he’s had some great debates, isn’t getting traction. And neither is Rand Paul. So take Bush, Paul, Huckabee, Kasich, and Christie and get rid of them. If they are too dumb to leave the race on their own, let’s put them out of their misery. We probably should throw Carly into the mix as well, and of course, I totally forgot Jim Gilmore…actually I forgot he was even alive!

That would leave Cruz, Rubio, Trump, and Carson to slug it out. But I would be ok leaving Fiorina in there. That narrows the field to five, and leaves it open…three “outsiders”, and two current senators. For the rest, it’s time to go.

And I’m fully aware that Bush has higher poll numbers than Cruz or Fiorina. I get that. But what’s he doing? He’s not expanding his campaign, he’s contracting. Once you start contracting in presidential politics, the grim reaper is right around the corner. No…it’s time for Jeb to go back to Florida.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Time For Bush To Leave

  1. I believe that Jeb Bush believed the same nonsense as Hillary does and that is they both believe they are entitled to a stint in the white house. I seriously do not believe either is owed that job and I would vote against both without a second thought. Of the two Hillary is without a doubt the greater evil, But Jeb is not in the same league as his brother or father. I honestly believe he does not have the ability to right this country and for that reason I believe he is toast. The problem remaining is offing Hillary from the hunt for the white house. She is bad news and makes no bones about the fact she wants to spend so much money this country would never again be debt free. Jeb is weak and his campaign is seriously flawed…Nuf said. =)

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