Time For US To Leave The UN

When the United Nations was founded after World War II, it was designed to be the organization that would stop the spread of war world-wide. It would basically be the world’s policeman. Well, that was the thought anyway. Of course, as we all know, since that time, the UN has been the place for despots and terrorists to adjudicate their complaints, always with an open ear.

Now the UN is getting ready to create a new court. This time it’s designed to haul the United States in before it to basically defend our “climate change” policies, and face whatever retribution is deemed necessary by the radicalized countries of the world. Apparently, when Bobo Obama heads off to Paris next month for this huge global warming debate, we’re going to get surprised.

Maybe it’s time we surprise the United Nations. Maybe it’s time we get the hell out of an organization that doesn’t have anything in common with our values. Maybe it’s time we wake up one day and send out the army to surround that building in New York City, and tell them their visas have expired and they have an hour to get the hell out of our country. Maybe we just demolish that eyesore and let them rebuild in China!

The mere fact that the countries of the world would even contemplate bringing the US “to justice” over something as silly as “climate change” is ridiculous. When the world’s top scientists who eagerly supported the theory at the start have all recanted their testimony and have stated that the evidence has been fudged, and there really isn’t any evidence is mind-blowing that an organization designed to provide peace to the world, would be so totally on its ass.

Now, let’s add two other factors to this. Vladimir Putin…remember him? He’s the most powerful leader in the world? Well, he’s come out and said that “climate change” is a hoax. Talk about the world being upside down! It used to be that you could count on the president of the United States to tell the truth and you wouldn’t believe a word the Russians (or at the time Soviets) would say. Now it seems our president gets caught in lies, and continues to lie undeterred, while the Russian president hits the nail on the head. Strange.

Secondly, why on earth would the UN have a court designed to haul in the US, when China and India create ten times the amount of pollution the United States ever did at its absolute worst? One would think that the UN would be about creating a “pollution free world”, and that would mean getting rid of the pollution China and India are stomping through. In China, they open a new coal mine every single week of the year. So why would it matter that Obama is shutting coal mines down in this country? Isn’t this a global problem? Or doesn’t pollution travel the world?

No, I’m afraid the only solution is to shutter the United Nations. Turn the buildings in New York into low-income housing or something. And kick them to China or India to rebuild their organization….without us!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Time For US To Leave The UN

  1. I have said for at least 20 years the United States should get out of the UN, and that the UN should be forced to leave our county. First of all, we have always paid the majority of the maintenance and overhead etc. and any worthless programs they sponsored, also known as foreign aid. The purpose now is to use it as a central or regional headquarters for their One World crap. We don’t need foreign influence dictating how we are to be governed in this country. Obama is there puppet.

    • I used to think Obama wanted to eventually be the Secretary General of the UN. Now, I’m not so sure. I think he’s more interested in playing golf in Hawaii (they DO have some nice courses!).

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