Some People Never Learn

Remember back in school, and the teacher would tell little Johnny Troublemaker to stop pulling Peggy Ponytail’s hair? And little Johnny would laugh and laugh and keep right on doing it? Even when he went to the Principal’s office, he’d come back and start in again. He just never learned. Of course, he’s probably running Microsoft or some such thing right about now, right?

Well, that seems to be what happened to little Bobo Obama. He ended up stumbling into a position at the White House, and wouldn’t you know it, since little Peggy Ponytail doesn’t work there, he’s got to create some sort of other mischief. So, he defies the constitution. And the courts slap him down, but does he care? Nope. He keeps right on going.

At least, that’s what he’s doing with the Fifth  Circuit court. Remember that Immigration case, where the court in Texas told him to stop with his executive order to make five million illegals legal? And then he kept right on handing out work permits to the illegals after they told him not to? And then he went to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans and told them that he wanted them to reverse the decision, so he COULD hand out work permits to illegals while the court case was going on? Well, he’s at it again.

What happened was last June The Department of Homeland Security held a “regulation retreat” in which they came up with four options to get around the court’s ruling…and it was leaked to the public just days before the Fifth Circuit comes out with its reversal decision!

So, what were the options? Well they ranged from Option One, which granted work visas to anyone in this country illegally…whether they snuck in, over-stayed their visa, H-1B guest workers, just anyone that wants one. All the way down to Option Four which gives work permits to ONLY unexpired immigrant visas. Guess which one they’re gearing up for?

See, Obama knows that he can defy the courts because what are they going to do to him? Oh, he’ll get his hand slapped, but they can’t arrest him. That’s illegal. And the rest of the government still follows the constitution, even if he doesn’t have to. And he knows congress doesn’t have the votes to impeach him…and even if they did, we’re coming in to an election year. How would that look? No, Bobo’s in the clear on this one.

What would be interesting is to see a judge issue a restraining order denying Obama from issuing any further executive orders, and taking away any semblance of them becoming “law” for the remainder of his term. Of course he’d sue. But the point is that it would slow him down. The judge can order all departments of the executive branch to cease and desist any additional regulation for the period of time between November 1st, 2016 and Noon on January 20, 2017.

I mean, two can play at this game, right? If Bobo is going to forego the constitution, why shouldn’t a judge? Take away the pen and the phone and let the chips start falling. And once you have a federal judge saying whatever he does, it no longer has the enforcement power of a law, then he can do anything he wants, and no one has to follow it. Call it “revolution by law”. Call it “crazy”. Call it “genius”!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!