Middle East Strategy Failing Miserably

How much proof do you really need to see before you come to the conclusion that the Obama administration policy for the Middle East is as bad as the Obama administration foreign policy for the rest of the globe? The answer, by the way, should be, NONE!

It’s so bad in the Middle East that Bobo has vacillated between thinking that he needs to work with Russia in their efforts to shore up Bashar al Assad, the Syrian leader that’s loyal to Moscow, and actually sending “boots on the ground” in Syria that aren’t going to be used in a combat role. The latest is that a whopping fifty people (that’d be 100 boots for those counting) WILL  be sent to Syria…but only in an “advisory” capacity. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to never see combat. Oh, they’re going to get combat pay, and all the trappings of being in combat. They’re going to get to shoot their guns at the bad guys, but Obama has put himself in a pickle.

What’s his strategy? Well, I really don’t think he has one…and that’s a strategy echoed by the Pentagon. They’re seeing this guy weave all over the map trying to stop the world from laughing at his inept foreign policy behavior. But really, not having a strategy IS having a strategy. And for Obama, it’s run out the clock. His whole view is, he didn’t start this mess, and regardless what he said initially about ending wars, he’s not going to end this mess. He’s going to punt the ball far enough down the field to run out the clock and let the next guy finish it up. Of course, if the next guy is a Republican, you can bet we’re going to do it the right way. Even Hillary Clinton would be better at prosecuting this war than Bobo is. But then again, so is my five-year old grandson.

No, the Middle East strategy is failing badly. That’s why it’s “evolving” as the White House likes to say. If a strategy is a winning strategy, you don’t have to change it. You can maintain it for eons and come out a winner. But since Obama has no clue what he’s doing, and is convinced that he needs to micromanage this situation, he’s stepping on his male member with every step.

What needs to happen in the Middle East, or should I say, what SHOULD have happened in the Middle East was a full-out ground assault against ISIS in Syria. But it’s a little late for that now. Unless you get Russia to realize that we’re going to let you keep Assad, you just let us take out ISIS, you’re going to eventually be fighting Russia…something not even the strongest hawk out there is looking to do with a weakened and somewhat battered military.

Obama can’t do anything with the military because he’s pretty well decimated the military. In order to build it back up, he’d need to trash any long-range domestic spending plan, like Obamacare, and get on with real presidential stuff. But that’s not going to happen a) in a presidential election year and b) with this president.

Obama has proven he’s a loser when it comes to leadership, trustworthiness, and the ability to put together a cohesive foreign policy. Why shouldn’t we believe that he’s a capable military commander-in-chief?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!