The GOP Is Losing It’s Way

Hillary Clinton has to chuckle. The GOP spent five months, thanks in a large part to Donald Trump, beat each other up to the point where everybody, Trump included is bruised. Then they have this debate on CNBC which was a travesty, as far as the viewers, the media, and the candidates all are concerned. Now the 16 of them are gloating over the fact they’ve decided to redefine the debate rules. In all of that time, they are going every which way except toward fighting the Democrats. All that time Hillary is attacking the GOP, feeling her coronation is all but assured.

If the Republicans want to actually win this thing, which is something they can do if they remain focused, they have to realize one thing. Attacking each other, while okay in the short-term, does absolutely nothing in the long-term. What the game plan should be is that the fifteen or sixteen guys (and gal) left in the field need to lay out their positions, not cut each other down. That may mean Trump needs to re-launch soon, because his poll numbers continue to slide both nationally and in the early voting states.

Meanwhile, Hillary keeps moving to the left. You don’t think that’s an easier target to attack than Ben Carson or Jeb Bush? My God, if she runs any further to the left of Bernie Sanders, she’s going to be in Vladimir Putin’s camp.

Two things need to happen for the GOP to survive this thing and re-take the White House. The first is to stop beating each other up and realize that the people who will be voting in the Republican primaries (and the independents for the most part) are still rather intelligent people and can discern between candidates. Lay out your positions, and stop the snarking with each other. It looks bad and gives the debate moderators ammunition. The second thing they need to do is attack Hillary with a relentless assault on her trustworthiness and credibility. 70% of the people out there believe she’s not trustworthy. Are you telling me that the people in this country would actually elect an untrustworthy person to lead them? Have we sunk that far?

Ben Carson is running even with Hillary. But Ben Carson is also killing Hillary by 17 points when it comes to independents. And you know he’s going to beat her with Republicans. So, what does that tell you? It tells you that the poll was skewed drastically to the left, and Hillary is actually in a world of trouble.

Let’s face it. 40% of the population are Democrats and will always be Democrats. They’ll blindly pull the lever for their candidate if Adolf Hitler were running. 40% of the population are Republican. They will blindly pull the lever for their candidate if Che Guevera were running. 20% of the people are fed up with both parties and are independents. Those are the people you have to win over, all the while you’re exciting your base enough to get their asses off the couch and get out to vote on election day.

And the GOP can easily do that, IF they stick to their guns, and stop trying to shoot each other!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!