Ready For The TPP Fight?

It looks like the fight that transpired last spring between the Obama administration and his own party in congress is getting ready to heat up again. The Trans Pacific Partnership is ready to sign. Of course, the law that Obama signed last spring allowing him “fast track” on the deal says that he must notify congress that he is going to sign the treaty (he’s already done that). Then he sits on his fat ass for 90 days. Then he signs it and sends it to congress where they can give it an up or down vote. They can’t change even a comma in the whole thing that is hundreds of pages long.

And if Bobo thought it was tough just getting the fast track approval through congress, he ought to wait and see what’s coming here! Of course, the White House is planning a full-out media blitz to tell the American people who TPP is really good for them. I don’t know how many people will buy it. Only about 45% of the voters out there actually think NAFTA was a good deal, and there isn’t a union anywhere in the land that’s in agreement with them. Granted, union membership is near an all-time low, so I’m not so sure they have the oomph to get anything they want anymore, but still…it will be a sales job.

Add to that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have said they oppose the deal, and Bernie Sanders opposes any trade deal on general principles, and you’re looking for a long, drawn out fight.

Don’t forget, the trade deal fast track bill, the bill that just authorized Obama to negotiate in good faith the deal to begin with, barely scraped by and wouldn’t have had the GOP not jumped on board. Dems were totally against this. Had it not been for six Dems in the senate crossing over to vote with the GOP, the fast-track authorization would have been dead in the water. Well, it will be tougher this time around.

Don’t put it past Bobo to pull any trick he can to get this through. One thing IS for sure though. He isn’t going to be able to executive order his way around congress on this one! And it’s pretty evident congress isn’t necessarily happy to be working with him either. I think it will be a contentious battle, and Bobo had better have something up his sleeve that he’s willing to give up. I don’t think Paul Ryan, who supports TPP in the first place, is going to let this opportunity go by unmuddled.

There are provisions in TPP that are good, no doubt. But there is a HUGE section on that hoax known as “climate change”. I have no idea why that’s involved in a trade deal, other than it’s an easy way to get climate change legislation through congress…kinda like adding pork to a bill that has nothing to do with the pork I guess.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!