What This Past Tuesday’s Elections Tell Us

Yeah…most of the country missed it, I know. Here in the Grand Canyon State, I don’t think we had anything to vote for…at least where I live. But around the country, there were several issues out on the ballot, and an interesting race or two. Let’s take a look and see what, if anything, it portends to show.

In the Great State of Ohio, John Kasich came out against Issue 3. That proposal would have legalized medical marijuana and recreational use of marijuana. It also would have allowed a total of 10 growers to legally grow pot. The state would become the distributor and sell the grass to outlets…much like a liquor store would do with the old “state-run liquor stores”. But alas, the more conservative elements in Ohio came out stronger than the stoners, and the measure went down to defeat.

In Kentucky, Matt Bevin, a guy that tried to oust Mitch McConnell from his Senate seat in a primary battle a couple of years ago, came out swinging and easy trounced Democrat Jack Conway by 9 points to become the second Republican in the past 40 years to win the governor’s mansion in Frankfort.

In San Francisco, the “Sanctuary Sheriff”, Ross Mirkarimi, lost his re-election bid as former Sheriff’s Office worker Vicki Hennessy defeated him for the job. Mirkarimi was the guy that said he couldn’t do anything about the federal law forcing him to let Francisco Sanchez go after he killed Kate Steinle back in July. That prompted the passage of “Kate’s Law”. And brought shame to the City By The Bay. Voters in the heavily Democrat city, turned their back on Mirkarimi’s explanation and put his sorry ass on the street.

Finally, in Houston, also a city not necessarily known for its conservative politics, even activist and actress Sally Field couldn’t help pass the controversial “Equal Rights Ordinance” that would have allowed transgendered people (or anyone, really) to use whatever bathroom they wanted…and basically would have banned discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation as well as 13 other classes that are already protected by federal law. The vote wasn’t close.

What these four races tell us, is that in three very Democrat-controlled races (and two very Democrat areas) voters went conservative. They pooh-poohed traditional liberal thinking in favor of more sensible strategies. Could it be that finally, America is waking up to the fact that liberalism, in all of it’s trappings, doesn’t work?

A lot can happen in a year. I’ve seen off-year elections where you’d swear the GOP was poised to take a great “Reaganesque sweep” of the country, and the Great One did in 1984, but then fall flat. That is usually due to the fact Republicans like to shoot themselves in the foot quite a bit…and are loathe to attack the Democrats where the need to be attacked. But the hope is there. People are fed up with the way the country is going, and it’s starting to show a little bit. The question is, will it continue to show for the next year?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. We’ll have to endure another year of the media telling us things are closer than they are, and Hill is more popular than she really is, but the media doesn’t have a clue about the sky-high level of anger there is in the electorate this cycle.

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