Carson’s Faux Pas

Ben Carson learned a lesson this week. When you are considering running for president, if you even HINT at stretching the truth, it will come out and you will be called on it. Now, in Carson’s case, he did it in a few interviews, stating that he received a scholarship to West Point, and that he turned it down. It was also in the first 100 pages of his book. Oops. Nope…not quite true.

Truth be told, everyone is calling it “an editing error”, but not a “lie”…big difference. And it shouldn’t end his candidacy as it has so many others. Remember Joe Biden a few years back? He dropped out when it was learned that he had plagiarized a speech. Well, Carson’s faux pas wasn’t that bad. Actually, West Point doesn’t give scholarships, they give appointments. Nobody that goes to West Point pays anything…well, monetarily. They give their tuition is service to the country in the form of military service. But the real truth here is that Carson never even applied at West Point, so he couldn’t have received an appointment. And by the way, in case you didn’t know, that’s only really done through a congressional liaison…you need to know a congressman pretty well to get one!

The fact that Carson stretched the truth had the media in a frenzy on Friday. First they smelled blood in the water after Politico said that Carson lied. Then, Politico had to retract that statement to he mis-led the public with his West Point story. Carson shot back, and didn’t back down. By the end of the day, it seemed Carson had won the round, and Politico backed away from the story.

Will it cause much damage for the guy that’s either number one or number two in the polls? I doubt it. Hell, this is the year that the Democrats are poised to nominate an habitual liar, cheater, and fraud to the highest office in the land, and the Republicans are ready to nominate some business tycoon that hasn’t necessarily been a paragon of virtue either. I don’t think character matters as much now as it did 35 years ago when Ronald Reagan was running against Jimmy Carter!

Americans are more concerned with who is best at removing the stench from Washington DC. It’s not going to be who is the smartest, it’s not going to be who is the best liked candidate. It’s going to be who can make us forget about some spineless wimp in the White House now. I mean, lets’ face it…Bobo Obama has less spine than a chocolate éclair. And no…I can’t take credit for that one. It’s been used in politics before (truth is the main function on this blog, and I ALWAYS give credit where credit is due!).

Overall, Carson learned a valuable lesson that the rest of the field should probably have already learned…you tell the truth. You don’t stretch it. You don’t lie about it. There are too many hungry reporters out there that are trying to make a name for themselves by winning Pulitzer Prizes, and you don’t win that by reporting what everyone else is reporting. Note to Hillary: The truth ALWAYS comes out eventually!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!