Hillary’s Gun-Rights Program DOA Already!

Hillary Clinton is so fired up about gun control that she’s willing to by-pass the congress, and the constitution if elected president, and “do something about it”. She doesn’t know what. She really can’t say what. There is already a lot of restrictions on people who want to buy guns. If the president through a presidential executive order decides to make it even more difficult to purchase guns, they’d most certainly be in for a long and drawn out fight with the NRA that they would most assuredly would lose.

And yet, the Arkansas Princess, who’s so busy running to the left of Vermont’s big gun, Bernie Sanders (who by the way, supports the right to bear arms), that she’s forgotten to look at the polls on this one. Hillary needs to see the latest Rasmussen Poll that says 77% of the people are sick and tired of hearing about gun control legislation. They feel that when a politician brings it up, they’re only doing it for one reason…to get elected. Most folks don’t believe that once elected, a politician will have anything to do with passing gun laws.

Now, I will say, the gun issue plays best with Democrats. The Republicans and Independents out there aren’t as happy to see that issue brought up. We’re talking 60% of Dems like the idea of more gun control. With the other two factions, that number sinks into the 20% range! And since there are more GOP AND Independents out there than there are Democrats (regardless what the NY Times would like to believe), the odds of Hillary getting elected, or getting her way on gun control are very, very small.

But I’ll give her credit for fighting the fight. She’s on the wrong side of this thing, but I give her credit. The problem I have with Democrats is that they don’t want to take the constitution as a document. They see it as several documents, each to be debated on its own merits, and the ones not deemed worthy are to be tossed aside. Republicans are different. Republicans see the document as an overall blueprint for how a country should be run. You can’t take out one amendment, and not have dire consequences on the others. It’s just that simple.

Who’s right in this debate? Well, I have always said, if you’re going to live by the constitution, you have to live by the WHOLE constitution. If you believe in the first amendment, and it gives you the right to free speech and freedom of religion, then you have to accept the fact that there is a constitutional amendment that allows you to go out and own a gun. Or two. Or thirty. And if you want to say that felons shouldn’t own guns, or the mentally ill shouldn’t have a gun, I’m fine with that. But you can’t give the general public that doesn’t fall into either of those two categories, a problem with buying a gun. It’s as much a part of the constitution as going to church on Sunday, or writing a blog, like this one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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