Dems Think Hillary Has Coattails

Barack Obama had coattails when he was elected in 2008. Ronald Reagan was the last president before that to have them. Then I think you’d probably have to go back to JFK. Coattails, the ability for a presidential candidate to pull along other members of his party further down the ticket, are relatively rare. But that doesn’t stop the Democrats in this country from thinking that Hillary Clinton is going to swing control of the Senate back to the Democrats.

They think she’s that strong.

Really? Here’s a woman who can’t get the truth straight, and yet, she’s going to pull an additional six seats out of the senate races next year? Now, I understand that next year, the GOP has more seats up for grabs than the Dems do…but usually that means it’s going to be a heavy GOP win. It wasn’t that way in 2014 because the Dems that were up were from blue states, and they were really red…and it cost them. They were on the wrong side of a lot of Obama-favored votes, and he wasn’t there to help them. In fact, he pretty much cast them aside. In fact, I believe (and correct me if I’m wrong), Hillary tried to save like four of them, and failed in every attempt. Even Bill Clinton couldn’t help!

So what makes the Democrats feel that Hillary has the “coattails” to pull the senate candidates along and win back the senate? I think personally, it’s the same delusion that Hillary is a strong enough candidate to actually win the White House in a fair race. I say “fair race” because I’m starting the think someone with 30% likeability and 20% honesty ratings can only win a presidential race through trickery and fraud. I’m waiting for the dead to start voting again.

But let’s take a further look at this. In order to have coattails, you must have two things. You have to have a very popular candidate that gets a lot of cross-over voting from the other side (most GOP voters detest Hillary with a passion), and independent voters, even independent women, are siding with any GOP candidate over Hillary. Ben Carson kills her by 10 points right now. And granted, it’s early, but I’m just saying…

The other thing you need for coattails is a decent senate candidate. And the Democrats are woefully lacking in a bench. Either for a presidential race, or local races. Since Obama took office, they’ve lost tons of seats. In the senate, in the house, in the governor’s mansions around the country (12 of them have flipped!), and they’ve lost over 900 state legislature seats. Over 1,000 seats that Democrats held prior to 2008, have flipped to the GOP. So, what makes them think a 70-something lady with a truth complex, and an aversion to scandals is going to be their magic bullet? They HAVE to believe that. They have no one else to turn to, and it’s Hillary’s fault. She wanted this chance so badly, that she made sure that they eliminated all of the competition.

And yet, Bernie Sanders, this no-name socialist from Vermont of all places, is picking up steam again now that he’s started attacking her. The third most popular guy in his state (I think Ben & Jerry come in one and two), is making a move again. And they think she has coattails? Really? REALLY?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Democrats know they have a crappy candidate in her and Little Debbie will be pulling out all the stops on the Dem’s election fraud machine to cheat all they can.

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